De Bruyère has managed the cosmetics license of Lollipops products since 2010, and is now to expand their range. The line used to focus on makeup, but will soon include a make-up remover and a day cream as well. “Since Lollipops makeup products are very successful, it was logical for us to expand our product offer, while still providing quality, but also keeping the fun side of the brand, which is part of its DNA”, explains Charlotte Catton, co-founder and President of De Bruyère.

The new, naturally formulated skincare products will be available in the first semester of 2014.

Lollipops is also developing a range of scented waters to be launched in spring 2014. “Lollipops has now acquired a certain legitimacy in the cosmetics industry, therefore it is the right moment to expand the brand’s territory, so that our clients’ average basket increases”, adds Charlotte Catton. “All our products are still made in France or Italy”, she specifies.

The brand is also still working on commercial development. It was already present in France at the Galeries Lafayette, and can now also be found at BHV and Douglas perfumeries. On the international level, Croatia remains among the last countries to be open, through a network of pharmacies, together with Indonesia, the Czech Republic and the United States, through networks of selective perfumeries. All in all, the brand can now be found in a dozen countries, and a launching is scheduled with Douglas next September in the Netherlands. Openings are also expected in Dubai at the end of 2013, and in Canada and Brazil at the beginning of 2014.

New openings have enabled us to offset difficulties with South European markets in Italy, Spain and Portugal, where the brand is well established. The humour and positive image of the brand have represented real assets in the tense economic context. It benefits from a very accessible image while remaining top-of-the-range”, Charlotte Catton concludes.