The Axium Packaging Group’s company, which specializes in the injection and bi- injection of boxes, lids and caps, will introduce at the All4Pack show in Paris (November 21st-24th 2022) a brand-new lid for neck Twist off 82 mm: the LYS lid in PET.

The new lid was designed as perfect complement to the PET skincare jars developed by Loire Plastic Industrie’s sister company Acti Pack, in order to offer the possibility to create a mono material and 100% recyclable set of jar and lid.

Available in virgin PET raw material, LYS lid is also available in integrating 50% and 100% of recycled PET, in clear or coloured.

In addition to the possibility to meet the increasing requirements for packaging eco-design and recyclability, Loire Plastic Industrie says the new PET lid also offers a series of aesthetic advantages, in particular with transparency and brilliance features similar to those of the associated jar.

Loire Plastic Industrie has been offering for more than 50 years standard products and customized packaging dedicated to the food, personal care and leisure industries.

For the personal care market, the French company developed flip top caps or screw caps. Available in mono or bi- coloured, our closures with various shapes and finishings are adapted to standard screw necks from the market, 20/415 or 24/410.

In addition, Loire Plastic Industrie develop and manufacture specific packaging solutions according to our customers’ specifications.