The global fascination with aesthetic perfection and the omnipresence of youth-obsession are gradually being challenged by a more epicurean, unabashed approach to beauty. In Western cultures, the baby boomer generation endorses an increasingly positive attitude towards aging, nourished by the growing interest in Oriental philosophies that promote balance and harmony between the body and soul. Unprecedented expressions therefore emerge, celebrating self-indulgence, new beauty rituals, inner radiance, joy and vital energy.

Positive aging

Due to a rising elderly population in Western countries, as well as in Japan and China, the way age is addressed in the media is changing forever. Today’s consumers are drawn to expressions of positive aging and inner youth, as well as the celebration of singularity regardless of age. We have observed different approaches already in motion: in France aging is never dissociated from seduction whereas in Anglo-Saxon countries, and even in Brazil, the slant is more about trans-generational wisdom, centered on wellbeing.

« Born in 1928 ». Cole Haan, 2013 (ad campaign) « Meet Britain’s Leading Ladies ».

Joyful anthems

Morgan’s 2013 advertising campaign Happy is The New Chic is undoubtedly rooted in joy and optimism. To counter a gloomy context, a hedonistic, upbeat tone is evermore inviting. This enticing trend has also been wildly boosted by P. Williams Oscar- nominated song, Happy. As a result, an aspiration to blissful expressions, lively stances, vibrant colors, bright lights, warmth and sparkling fragrances develops.

24 Hours of Happy. Pharrell Williams, 2013 (clip video)
« Happy is The New Chic ». Morgan, 2013 (ad campaign)

Mindful radiance

On February 2014, K.Pickert’s article “The Mindful Revolution” is the cover story of Time magazine. She advocates meditation and concentration as the new principles of mindfulness, a philosophy considered by many as a revolutionary solution to our multitasking and hectic pace of life. Indulging in sensations and living the present to its fullest are key steps for this new happiness therapy. Both spiritual and sensual, it is capable of igniting your inner light and bring peace, for a beauty that is not only skin deep.

« The Mindful Revolution: the science of finding focus in a stressed-out, multitasking culture ». Kate Pickert. Time Magazine, February 3rd 2014. © Peter Hapak for TIME (magazine cover, article)