Strategic partnership

The Linea- Chirine duo has already begun to operate. Mauro Zulianello and Christian Chirinian, the two managers know each other well and have shared the same stand at Cosmoprof Bologna.

Main field of action, plastic packaging in all its forms with, as a strong point, exclusive marketing of products manufactured by the South Korean company, Hana, mainly specialized in Airless and Airtight containers.

Hana: a will to develop in Europe

The firm based in Seoul (15 million dollars in turnover, 120 people) decided, at the instigation of Linea Glam created late 2009 by Mauro Zulianello, to intensify its marketing strategy on the old continent where it was virtually absent. "What is important" says Mauro Zulianello, "is Hana’s capability for R & D. Its managers invest each year nearly 20% of the turnover. Innovation is everywhere.

While simple in appearance, the level of technicality is nonetheless very high in Hana’s product range", says Christian Chirinian. Latest innovative product to date, the Dual Airless Dispenser, a particularly clever airless system with a dual compartment insuring an excellent restitution of two blended products. In fact, it’s a simple but yet very clever mechanism allowing the delivery in identical quantities of two opposite products in terms of viscosity.

Dual Airless Dispenser

Dual Airless Dispenser

"Our assets also lie in the level of customization of our products, thanks to a complete integration of all decorating, galvanizing and coloring processes", explains Mickey Moon, Commercial Director at Hana Co., "in airless but also lipsticks or compacts".