The Lindal Group, a worldwide leader in aerosol packaging technology, has launched its new Global Innovation Center, a facility designed to leverage the company’s global aerosol expertise and further support customers in development of new generation packaging solutions.

The Lindal Group develops and manufactures valves, actuators and spray caps for aerosol products used in pharmaceutical, cosmetics and food applications. Its new center, which is based in Briey, France, and managed by Hervé Bodet, is designed as an R&D hub consisting in five departments: Development and Engineering, Central Laboratory, Technical and Market Watch, Tool Room, and Industrialization Department. The Center is designed to be fully integrated into global Lindal Group operations via a strategic committee (BDU) consisting of Sales, Marketing, R&D, and Business Development.

According to Katharina Lilienthal, Lindal Group’s VP Innovation & New Product Development, the Global Innovation Center will improve time-to-market, speed commercialization of new products and enhance overall quality.