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Lindal Group sees global success for “compressed” aerosols

The Lindal Group anticipates comprehensive worldwide retailer and consumer acceptance of the new “compressed” deodorant format pioneered by three major Unilever brands that recently reached store shelves in Europe.

Unilever’s Sure, Dove and Vaseline brands, are now sold in 75ml cans. According to Unilever, the smaller cans last as long as the old product, use 50 percent of the propellant, are half the size (ml) and reduce the overall carbon footprint of the product through 28 percent less aluminum and further transportation and stocking gains.

According to Lindal Group - the world’s largest supplier of valves and actuators, worldwide, and which was involved in development of the new “compressed” aerosol system for Unilever - the “compressed” initiative in the deodorant category echoes the consumer and retailer conversion to concentrated laundry detergent packaging years ago.

There will be an initial period of consumer education, followed by comprehensive acceptance of, and demand for, the new aerosol platform, based upon what we witnessed regarding end-user behavior with the new concentrated laundry detergent conversion,” said Philip Brand, Lindal Group’s Global Marketing Director.

Actually, consumer education will be a key factor of success regarding this new format, as it is important to reassure end-users that they are not paying for less product.

We anticipate that this Unilever launch represents a game-changer for a huge product category,” Brand added. “We can expect others brands to look to Unilever’s lead and launch their own versions of ‘compressed’ personal care products.

A key reason for Lindal’s optimism is because of the multiple benefits of the company’s Truspray system, which cuts propellant and solvent use by as much as 50 percent. It is an eco-friendly, patented, technology that provides improved spray quality and low flow rates. “Because Truspray technology permits more viscous products to be offered in compact aerosol form, it is a solution that opens development opportunities in cosmetics and body care, sun protection, hair care and styling, household and technical products,” Brand concluded.

As for Lindal’s eye towards the future, recently the company launched its new Global Innovation Center, a facility designed to leverage the company’s global aerosol expertise and further support customers in development of new generation packaging solutions.

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