Speaking of packaging and of environment implies necessarily weight issues. Metsä Board has been a pioneer in terms of weight reduction, in obtaining excellent resistance and printability with lightweight materials.

Based on fresh fibres, a strong tradition in R&D, advances in BCTMP [1] pulps, factories at the cutting edge of technology and the development of increasingly lighter cartons, the Metsä Board lightweight cartons allow to obtain a larger number of cartons per tonne produced and a reduction of overall costs for the customer without compromising on quality.

"In spite of their light weight, cartons have a constant stiffness and quality enabling their reliable use in all production processes. These cartons help save time, money and worries," we were told at Metsä Board.

A feat made possible in particular with the use of virgin fibres from Nordic wood. originating from sustainably managed forests, these fibres help ensure that the lightweight paperboard will retain all the qualities required by the luxury products industry, while allowing substantial savings throughout the supply chain, due to the reduction of tonnages required for a given use.