Specialized from its creation in the manufacture of powder cosmetic ingredients (exfoliants, fine powders, active ingredients, extracts...), Lessonia has acquired a renowned expertise in this area, from grinding and sieving to blending and sterilizing powders.

Gradually, the French manufacturer has also developed expertise in dry cosmetic formulation (clay masks, peel-offs, scrubs, cleansing powders...).

A EUR 400,000 investment

However, formulating this kind of dry cosmetic requires using and mixing fine powder ingredients with different particle sizes leading to untangling, flow problems and powder safety issues (dust). In order to improve powder flowability and avoid dust, Lessonia decided to innovate in a dry granulation technology and has acquired a new production line comprising a roller compactor, granulator and sieve. From a fine powder, the aim is to obtain a larger and more homogeneous granulometry, optimized to ensure good powder flow.

By compacting a fine powder, we obtain a fine tablet which is then grinded and sieved to obtain the desired particle size,” the company explains.

With this equipment Lessonia intends to innovate and meet the challenges of the powder cosmetics market. It also enables Lessonia to expand its range of services for manufacturers looking for this type of solutions.