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Lessonia adapts to the cannabis trend with a new range of CBD ingredients

Born on the Californian coast, the trend of cannabis as a flagship ingredient in cosmetics formulas is now booming in France. But, given the more restrictive European regulations banning molecules derived from hemp flowers, manufacturers have adapted with an offering based on cannabidiol (CBD) extracted from the rest of the plant. The Lessonia laboratories have just launched a range of body & face care products, while positioning as a supplier of CBD ingredients.

Lessonia has just developed a range of ingredients to complete their line...

Lessonia has just developed a range of ingredients to complete their line of finished products

Contrary to the tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) also found in hemp (cannabis sativa L.), the cannabidiol molecule (CBD), which is not a psychoactive substance, is authorized in cosmetics under French regulations, provided it is extracted from the stem, seeds, or leaves, and not from the flower itself - which American regulations do allow. There should not be any trace of THC in the finished product.

Based on these restrictive conditions, Lessonia has just developed a range of ingredients to complete their line of finished products unveiled last September, in an attempt to reassure brands about how to integrate this new “super” ingredient to their formulas.

CBD is mainly concentrated in the flower, not much in the other parts, so there are two options: either you use synthetic CBD, which is prohibited on the American market, or you extract it from the stem. We decided to work on this solution using authorized cannabis sativa varieties,” explains Charles-Henri Morrice, Innovation Director of Lessonia.

Free from THC, the Hemp Ingredients range by Lessonia is composed of six natural ingredients, some of which are organic: stem-extracted CBD molecules, of course, but also a 1% titrated CBD oil, organic hemp oil obtained from cold-pressed cannabis sativa seeds, a 99.4% natural and organic floral water derived from hemp stems and leaves, and a natural exfoliating agent.

Thanks to these ingredients, the seven natural references of the soothing skincare range cover all body and face needs.

Natural cosmetics virtues and transgressive perfumes

According to multiple publications, cannabidiol offers several cosmetic interests. “We have cannabinoid receptors in our skin cells which create anti-inflammatory, i.e. anti-ageing effects. This ingredient also reduces sebum secretion in acne-prone skins,” adds Charles-Henri Morrice.

Often associated with transgression, but also related to the notions of naturalness and wellness, cannabis can take on different forms to seduce a young, urban target eager for novelty and surprises.

For our skincare range, we went as far as choosing a cannabis smell for our fragrance,” explains Lessonia’s Communication Director Marion Lagadec.

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