Each year, Bormioli Luigi illustrates the variety of its competences through a simple idea: showcasing the latest launches of prestigious products in which the company participated

Premium Beauty News has selected some of the most illustrative examples, with the explanations of the glassmaker on its work.

Boss, by Hugo Boss

The latest addition in Boss’ woman’s perfumes collection is simply called Boss. The feminine interpretation of the design is clearly intelligible by the shape of the bottle, where a series of jewels are put in a line, contoured and enclosed by a shiny metallic band, which encapsulates the precious content.

The chromatic contrast between the cold metal finishing and the warmth of the bottle is entrusted to a coloured glass, whose shading goes from rose to orange.

The overall outline of the creation consists of a tall, geometrical bottle developed upon a small and squared base. The facets that sculpt the shape of the gems are smooth and clean, well defined by sharp edges. The first jewel at the base of the bottle is solid, meaning that the glass fills it completely.

This accomplishment presented several issues to overcome for the glassmaker. “Such a tall and narrow shape easily tends to incline, jeopardizing the stability of the bottle. We needed to limit the usual dimensional tolerances used in the field, assuring the complete verticality of the bottle,Bormioli Luigi explains.

Furthermore, the finishing adopted, namely the metallic band which contours the profile, winding the glass through the base, was a threat for the stability of the bottle. Considering that the design required a smooth glass profile, where no recess could be added to host the metal, and knowing that the tolerances involved in the metal stitching are larger than in glass blowing, the precision of the making had to be absolute, preventing any failure.

A logo engraved onto the metallic band and then a plastic stopper representing the same ornamental motifs featured in the bottles complete this nice and original fragrance bottle.

Line: Hugo Boss
Customer: P&G Prestige Beauty
Sizes: 30 ml; 50 ml; 75 ml
Year of launch: 2009

Strictly Private, by Baldessarini

The new fragrance in Baldessarini range, which claims to be strictly reserved to men (not women, not boys), keeps a orm of consistency with the brand’s prior creations. An imposing and sober bottle is the imprinting of the Baldessarini signature.

The shape is traditional, marked by the adoption of a black glass, only enriched by a golden plate showing the engraved logo.

Under a technical point of view, the dig wide room at the centre of the main wall is forcedly absolutely plane, in order to perfectly fit with the metal plate.

The combination of sharp edges and dark colour of glass, turning into intricacies, pushed the glassmaker to develop some original techniques to detect glass irregularities and defectiveness, in order to ensure the highest level of quality.

Line: Baldessarini
Customer: P&G Prestige Beauty
Sizes: 50 ml, 90 ml
Year of launch: 2009

True, by American Eagle

True is the latest addition in American Eagle men’s fragrances range. Immediately at a glance the look of the bottle reveals the consumer it is targeted for: the young and sporty, dynamic man.

The bottle, with a strong aspect, is a rectangular container where the pureness of glass melts with the cold energy of the steel and the technical yet enjoying touch of the black rubber.

This making presented many constraints,” explains Bormioli Luigi’s staff

The manufacturing starts from a heavy mass of glass, “whose behaviour would suit more rounded shapes; nonetheless this bottle features very small details to be carved in the glass surfaces, namely the rough side wall”. Actually, the squared yet embroidered shape imposed the adoption of a complex and tricky moulding system.

This ensures the exact interpretation and cleanliness of the edges and facets, in order for the special silver spray superposed to achieve a mirror-like effect, through the inside of the back glass panel”. Indeed, what Bormioli Luigi calls a “remarkable achievement” allows the back, sprayed silver panel, to stay opaque, while allowing the inside of the same panel the shiny reflection, through which the dark grey front logo to actually be seen twice: on the front panel where the screening took place, and, through the inside back panel, where it’s full reflection can be seen clearly, as if through a mirror.

The bottle is finally completed by a black logo standing on the glass face and it is topped by a round and imposing stopper, made of a chromed body coated with black rubber.

Line: American Eagle
Customer: American Eagle Outfitters
Sizes: 60 ml
Year of launch: 2009

Costume National Homme, by Costume National

A few years after the launch of the first fragrance for woman, Costume National is presenting its first fragrance for men, simply called Homme.

The bottle design recalls the original shape of the feminine one. However, the bottle profile is taller and roughly squared.

It seems that the designer, starting from the base of a squashed parallelepiped whose edges are well rounded, had pushed the centre of the bottle with his thumbs, keeping its perimeter with the other fingers. The result is that the two glass faces are coherently deformed, the front one concave and the rear convex.

The thin mass of glass used allows appreciating the continuous varying camber of the edges, crowning in an absolute original design. No parting lines are visible. The bottle is then personalized with a simple yet elegant platinum logo, and topped by a small chromed cap, almost in an effort to keep a minimalist styling.

A similar shape is very far from the normal capabilities of the equipments, and it took a lot of the man skills to have the glass blown with aesthetical coherence inside the bottle. Very often indeed the apparently simplest shapes are the most hard to reproduce in glassmaking,” says the company.

Line: Costume National
Customer: Beauty San
Sizes: 50 ml, 100 ml
Year of launch: 2009

Custo Homme, by Custo Barcelona

The first men’s fragrance from the Spanish fashion designer follows one year later the launch of the woman perfume. The look of the bottle melts traditional shapes, namely the glass container, with different materials and styles, giving origin to a well recognizable product.

The glass container is an imposing rectangular bottle, with a thick and regular distribution of the glass at the base and along the vertical walls. The geometric inspiration of the creation is enhanced by a metal plate inserted into a glass recess, just above the logo of the designer, the latter also being engraved in the main facet of the bottle.

The glass is sprayed all around the base in an emerald green, gradating to total transparency towards the middle of the glass shape. The bottle is eventually topped by an outstanding cap, chromed and glittering.

During the production of the bottle, many cares had to be paid in order to respect the strict tolerances the housing of the plate required. This particular was quite intricate to solve in relation with the weight of the mass of glass we were working with.

Line: Custo Barcelona
Customer: Idesa
Sizes: 60 ml, 100 ml
Year of launch: 2009

Essence, by GrigioPerla

The new fragrance in Grigioperla line, the men’s brand from the renowned Italian lingerie house for woman, turns up in a bottle characterized by the dark green colour of the glass contrasting with the platinum accessories.

The bottle has a oval shape, where the sides are cut and defined by plane facets. The rear wall features a number of sharp engraved lines, looking like a piece of garment. On the smooth front wall, the logo of the brand is silk screen printed in platinum.

The bottle is crowned by a chromed dispensing system that leans on a well-matched support hiding the glass shoulder.
The whole is made of a few and essential lines, aiming a sober elegance.

Original solutions were applied to enable the tooling opening, due to the presence of dig shoulders and sharp vertical edges. The respect of strict tolerances was another constraint that proved the ability of our skilled glass technicians,” claims Bormioli Luigi’s staff.

Line: GrigioPerla
Customer: Morris
Sizes: 50 ml, 100 ml
Year of launch: 2009