As part of the in-cosmetics show, which will open its doors on 14-16 April 2015 in Barcelona, the European Centre of Dermocosmetology (CED Lyon) will present the latest advancements of in vitro evaluation of cosmetic products.

The free roundtable will take place at 2.15 pm-3.00 pm on the 16th of April 2015 and will highlight the following issues:

 In vitro methods for examining the sensitising potential of raw materials.
 New in vitro supports: cell cultures, reconstructed skin tissues, 3D skins.
 In vitro tests for supporting cosmetic innovations and marketing claims.


 Anne Canet, European Center of Dermocosmetology, CED Lyon
 Vincent Gallon, and
 Marisa Meloni, VitroScreen
 Béatrice Le Varlet, TBC In Vitro Safety & Efficacy Cosmetic Consultancy
 Amélie Thepot, Lab Skin Creations
 Bart De Wever, ATERA

More information here.