Inspired by nine masterpieces from the sculpture department, as well as the museum’s lights and colours, Lancôme has designed a limited-edition of skincare and makeup products signed Lancôme x Louvre.

The campaign supporting this unprecedented collaboration was filmed at the Louvre Museum with Zendaya, Aya Nakamura, Amanda Seyfried and He Cong, all ambassadors of this collaboration. These four personalities, each an image of the beauty of our time, embody the characteristics and myths of a few sculptural icons through their strong personalities.

Thus, Lancôme was inspired by the Venus de Milo, Victory of Samothrace, Corine, Diana of Gabies, Nymphe with a Scorpion, Echo, Hygieia, Venus of Arles and, finally, Hermaphrodite. Each of these masterpieces, through its story and that of the myth it embodies, inspired Lisa Eldridge: Global Creative Director of Lancôme Makeup, to create this makeup collection.

"The choice of the Venus of Milo, Nymphe with a Scorpion, or Diana of Gabies as ambassadors for this campaign brings new perspectives on iconic and inspiring images of antiquity, contrasting them against contemporary representations and standards. The Louvre Museum’s collections are fascinating in the way they let us see and understand how those standards are interpreted, transform, and evolve. Through this collaboration, the Louvre, a contemporary art hub, helps write today’s take on beauty," said Laurence des Cars, President and Director, Louvre Museum, in a statement.

"By continuing the dialogue between our French brand, with a rich history spanning nearly 90 years, and the world’s most iconic art temple, we are looking to foster new perspectives on beauty for today’s women based on our artistic heritage and celebrate beauty’s ever-evolving nature," added Françoise Lehmann, General Manager, Lancôme International.