Since its creation in 1991, Maverick laboratories has been continuously growing, thanks to a solid business strategy and the aim of growing and developing its team within the company’s workforce. It is a reference in the area of hygiene and personal treatment, thanks to the production of a wide range of articles for Deliplus, the hygiene and beauty of leading Spanish mass market chain retailer Mercadona. The company also manufactures a collection of professional quality hair products at the best price for Mercadona’s Stylius brand.

All of this has allowed Maverick Laboratories to become a prestigious reference amongst consumers and those who see the company as a possibility for professional development. Last year, the staff number has increased by more than an 11 percent.

Personal growth, professional development

Regardless of the economic details, the good relationship with customers and the prestige of its products amongst the consumer, the company grows and progresses because, above all, it believes in people. One of its objectives is to guarantee work stability, training, professional development and the necessary means to achieve them.

A big part of annual investments addresses the staff’s holistic development and to the creation of teams that generate value for both the workforce and the company, while generating a competitive advantage in the business and on the labour market.

Specialization as a symbol of growth

With regards to the management of personnel, Maverick Laboratories offers specialized job positions. Following a mutual benefit policy, the company offers specialization and growth space to the worker, whilst at the same time, the worker brings value, talent, experience and professionality to the company, which in turn allows them to evolve in their specialization. Also, being specialists implies offering a definitive quality on a daily basis. It is worth noting that quality is one of the bastions of the company.

In areas like I+D+i or Quality, the company possesses a wide range of resources to strengthen the specializations for the careers of scientific-technical professionals who will not end up being basic general technicians, on the contrary, they will specialize in specific areas of their expertise so that they can obtain full professional development. Also, the cosmetic sector is more and more complex with regards to innovation and quality processes, thus allowing the Company to have a greater internal specialization.

Current specialization and business dynamics allow employees to widen and update their knowledge permanently, participating in training and development projects designed in agreement with the strategic plans of the Company. Maverick Laboratorios invested in 70,000 training hours last year.

A demanding, attentive and responsible relationship

Maverick Laboratories bases its Human Resource policy on the premise of giving, asking and demanding as much on behalf of the business as on behalf of the staff. The company demands a high level of responsibility from the employee, and this is covered thanks to the focus on team work. The Company demands quality in the processes because both the customer and the end consumer demand quality. In return, the worker receives training and quality attention from the Company. Amongst the advantages are:

 Remuneration policy. Thanks to the review of the remuneration policy, 90% of the workforce has increased their possibilities of salary travel and an adaptation and equity has been propitiated for the different job positions.
 Reconciliation of work and family life. In recent months, flexible schedules have been promoted and implemented.
 Safety and Prevention of Work Risks Maverick Laboratories continually work on the adaptation of premises and equipment in order to improve safety protections of work equipment and for the automation of tasks, in order to reduce the physical effort involved for the production personnel.
 Kindergarten cheque. This initiative allows those employees with children between 0 and 3 years to benefit from 11 monthly kindergarten payments.

Capturing and holding onto talent

In a globalized world, it is essential to take advantage and extract value from collective intelligence and cultural diversity, hence the incorporation of diverse profiles from all places who have been able to fit into Maverick Laboratories naturally. Nowadays, 32% of our I+D+i team is international. In order to capture new talent from other countries there is a Human Resource department which facilitates the adaptation of new international workers to their environment. Therefore, services like the following are provided:

 Support for the administration of official documents for residency numbers, social security numbers and property rental contracts.
 Relocation assistance, with a compensation incorporated as a wage concept in the first year, paid progressively in the first 12 months.
 Coverage assistance due to property moves.

In conclusion, Maverick Laboratories represents a consolidated Company able to provide a stable, motivating and challenging career future, where a great effort is made to retain talent and capture new talent with the end objective being to allow the customer and end consumer to continue to maintain their trust in the Company and in its products.