Known for its luxurious plastic-free makeup products, the brand created by Nicolas Gerlier is launching its very first collection of perfumes with a major challenge: to show that luxury can be resource efficient.

Upcycled ingredients

With 30% upcycled ingredients and 90% natural ingredients, La Bouche Rouge bets on formulations that are “respectful of the environment and our skin,” and from which all ingredients that do not meet the criteria of zero impact on nature have been discarded. In the same vein, the brand has chosen to use 100% organic alcohol.

The result is a collection of five perfumes, identified by five colours illustrating their personality: Rouge, by Dora Baghriche, Nude, by Alexandra Monet, Bleu, by Alexis Grugeon, Ambre, by Coralie Spicher and Rose by Nicolas Bonneville.

Precious leather

As far as packaging is concerned, La Bouche Rouge has designed a perfume bottle inspired by its other iconic objects. The result is a 100ml refillable bottle topped with a twist off spray, housed in an entirely hand-crafted leather case, coming in the five colours of the fragrances in the range.

The leather, as for the makeup line, comes from the prestigious Tanneries du Puy, and is certified by the label ‘entreprise du patrimoine vivant’ (living heritage company). The leather protect the glass bottle and allowed La Bouche Rouge to ask the glassmaker to aim a zero waste target in its production. “In traditional production, a third of all bottles are rejected for small imperfections in the outer glass or shape of the inner drop. La Bouche Rouge is putting a stop to this wasteful madness for the 21st century,” claims the brand.

Aluminium refills

To reduce pressure on resources, the brand has developed a single material, plastic-free refill made of 100% upcycled aluminium and 100% recyclable. To completely eliminate plastic, the brand had to invent a breakable pouring spout.

If a perfume refill is just a second glass bottle with a plastic tip, how much unnecessary waste does that produce ?” questions La Bouche Rouge.

To really encourage changing habits, the brand has also chosen to allow real savings when buying the refill. Thus, the perfume extract in the 100 ml glass bottle is sold for 195 euros, and the 100 ml refill is offered at 95 euros.

In the world of beauty, the revolution is played out in the search for balance between aesthetics, performance and sustainability,” concluded Nicolas Gerlier, the brand’s President and Founder.