The cosmetics giant has partnered with Hotel Shilla and Anchor Equity Partners, to create SHIHYO, a new luxury skincare beauty brand inspired by the Asian wisdom of the 24 seasons.

Launched in the North Asia region, the new brand is based on the naturality of 24 herbal ingredients harvested at the peak of each season, combined with proven efficacy based on scientific research and innovation. All formulas include the signature ingredient called ShiHyo24, a patented, nutrient-rich concentrate of the 24 herbal ingredients infused with fermented rice water and ginseng water.

SHIHYO, which means “the wisdom of time,” offers 24 different types of ampoules featuring 24 herbal ingredients, along with other skincare products such as facial cleanser, essence, and cream, as well as scalp care products such as shampoo and conditioner.

The brand’s first flagship store, the “Seoul Garden,” will open in the coming months at The Shilla Seoul Hotel in Korea, with the ambition of engaging with consumers and offering an immersive experience with an extensive luxury beauty product range.