The L’Oréal group selected Albéa’s sampler solution Sofix as its sampling solution for their global fragrance campaigns. Sofix allows using of a single pump that can adapt to both plastic and glass bottles.

Albéa supported L’Oréal group in their transition from glass to plastic sampler letting them choose between glass and plastic bottles depending on the brand positioning. Today, Albéa manufactures, among others, Si by Giorgio Armani and La vie est belle by Lancôme,” explains the packaging supplier.

With its registered and patented fastening system, Sofix is the only sampler on the market whose mini pump can be adapted to both a plastic and a glass bottle. According to Albéa, It is therefore easier to choose the sampler best adapted to a promotional strategy, depending on product positioning and life cycle. Sofix thus offer more freedom to choose different samplers, by simplifying the supply chain, and by providing an attractive pump volume for purchases.

Furthermore, dedicated production and design lines guarantee the shortest possible delivery times,” adds Albéa.