L’Oréal Brasil is expanding its sun care portfolio to better address the huge diversity of skin phenotypes in the country. Last year, the company’s research and innovation centre developed 11 new coloured sunscreen formulas, increasing its range from 32 to 43 shades dedicated to Brazilian skins.

A new nomenclature

Another change implemented by the company with the aim to provide Brazil’s diversity with more inclusive sunscreens: a new nomenclature to classify sun care shades based on a simple numerical scale ranging from 1.0 to 6.0, from the lightest to darker.

This evolution was designed by L’Oréal’s Consumer & Market Insights team, in partnership with Estúdio Nina, a Brazilian agency specializing in the expectations of colour consumer. A large survey was launched among dermatologists, make-up artists, Black consumers and members of L’Oréal Brasil’s AfrouSOU network. The goal was to understand how the coloured consumers perceived the previous names given to the various sunscreen shades and to collect proposals for establishing a new nomenclature.

This graduated scale will first be introduced in the Anthelios Ultra Cover and Anthelios Airlicium+ ranges, by La Roche-Posay, Capital Soleil UV-Age Daily, by Vichy, and Solar Expertise Anti Oil, by L’Oréal Paris. By 2024, the entire coloured sun care portfolio of L’Oréal Brasil will have transitioned to the new nomenclature.

A major public health challenge in Brazil

Due to its geographical and climatic characteristics, Brazil enjoys strong sunshine across most of its territory throughout the year.

As a manufacturer of sun protection products, L’Oréal Brasil aims to raise awareness among the Brazilian population about the importance of photoprotection for all skin types, including darker ones, due to the risk of cancer caused by excessive sun exposure.

The sun’s UV rays affect all skin types, regardless of their colour. For lighter skin types, which blush immediately, the impact of UV is more easily visible, hence the myth that darker skin types don’t need as much protection. We want to remind consumers that sun protection is important for everyone, because it protects against premature aging, hyperpigmentation and above all against the appearance of skin tumours", emphasizes Humberto Martins, director of cosmetic research and innovation for L’Oréal Latin America.