L’Occitane has opened its first hotel experiential concept in global travel retail and across China. The new L’Occitane Hotel pop-up is situated within the mall at F3-07 & 08 at CDF International Duty Free Complex in Sanya, Hainan. The project, a collaboration between L’Occitane Group and CDFG, aims to shine a spotlight on the products of L’Occitane en Provence and the brand’s philosophy regarding sustainability.

We are thrilled to unveil the first L’Occitane Hotel pop-up in the newly expanded Block C at CDF Sanya International Duty Free Complex. Located in the heart of this thriving and dynamic development, the pop-up will bring the authentic spirit and essence of Provence to Hainan. Visitors will be introduced to the magical landscapes of both Provence and Corsica, and invited to enjoy a truly immersive and unforgettable experience with unique animated features such as the iconic Almond Forest and Immortelle Field,” commented Mona L’Hostis, Marketing Director Global Travel Retail L’Occitane Group.

The L’Occitane Hotel pop-up is divided into four zones: The Almond Forest and Almond Spa; the 5 Essential Oils Bar; the Immortelle Field and the Immortelle Suite; and the Hotel Gift Shop. To enhance the experience within each zone, customers are equipped with digital passports accessed via a unique virtual room key. With these passports, they can add products to their carts for checkout at the Hotel Gift Shop during any stage of their customer journey, take pictures of the attractions and redeem gifts. The Almond Forest and Immortelle Field feature state-of-the-art, dynamic augmented reality (AR) projections on the walls, allowing shoppers to immerse themselves in the spirit of Provence and Corsica right in the centre of Hainan.

New boutique to complement hotel experience

Complementing the L’Occitane Hotel, is the debut of a new L’Occitane boutique in the same Block C of CDF International Duty Free Complex in Sanya. With its four distinct experiential zones, this boutique offers an extension of the hotel experience.

For those seeking personalised care, the ‘Expertise Zone’ offers specialised haircare and facecare services. The ‘Premium Body Care Zone’ indulges patrons with an array of body and hand creams, providing a dedicated area to sample and try on the products. Lastly, the ‘Sensations Zone’ serves as a gifting area ensuring a bespoke service for every L’Occitane enthusiast. This boutique, aligned with the hotel’s commitment to providing unforgettable moments, further underlines L’Occitane’s presence as “a beacon of luxury and sustainability in the heart of Hainan.