Brazilian ingredients and design

The two concerned ranges are based on two native Brazilian plants: jenipapo, a fruit tree from the Cerrado, and vitória régia, a water lily that blossoms only at night.

The Jenipapo collection includes face and body products with fragrance and sun protection, such as a roll-on perfume oil, an SPF30 face mist, an SPF15 lip balm, an SPF15 body oil, and a transparent soap bar.

The Vitória Régia collection consists of a daytime line (eau de Cologne, shower gel, body milk, hand cream and transparent soap) and a nighttime one (eau de Cologne, flower-shaped soap and transparent soap).

To design the packaging of its new limited edition products, L’Occitane founder Olivier Baussan enlisted the help of two Brazilian artists: Joana Lira and Andrés Sandoval.

Beyond Brazil

Already available in Brazil, these new products will arrive in France and in other L’Occitane stores around the world from April 16 and will be sold through the end of summer at prices ranging from €4 to €48 (around US$5.50 to US$66.50).

L’Occitane, which has been present in Brazil for almost 20 years, has started last year to produce in this country the brand L’Occitane au Brésil, with the aim to overcome trade barriers and increase its local presence and thus to develop its sales in this country, which is viewed as a keystone of the company’s growth.