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Kure Bazaar now offers coordinated lipsticks with its clean nail polishes

A pioneer in bio-sourced formulas, the Kure Bazaar brand has been offering for over 8 years, a range of dozens of references of nail polishes composed of 85% natural ingredients. It is now launching a whole line of 30 coordinated, refillable lipsticks with formulas consisting of up to 100% natural ingredients.

Relying on a trendy positioning and a selective choice of its points of sale, the Kure Bazaar brand has quickly made a name for itself in the world, as the trend reference for clean make-up. "Initially we wanted to propose one of the only colour cosmetic products, whose formula did not have a natural alternative: nail polish," explains Christian David, co-founder with Kartika Luyet of the brand.

Kartika Luyet, Kure Bazaar's co-founder and artistic director

Kartika Luyet, Kure Bazaar’s co-founder and artistic director

With this in mind and an unbridled and very trendy approach to colours, Kure Bazaar launched its first clean formulas, developed in collaboration with the manufacturer Fiabila. One season after another, these colours have added to one another, enriching a catalogue, which now consists of 80 references.

Matching lipsticks and nail polishes

Building on the ’lips and nails’ colour duo, which, in the 1990s, was a basics of women make-up, Kure Bazaar is now combining its best-selling nails polishes with 30 shades of coordinated lipsticks.

"For the past 4 years we have been focusing on this requirement often expressed by our customers. While changing nothing to our colour specifics, we applied to lipsticks, our vision of making as clean as possible formulas," specifies Christian David.

With 32 references, 29 shades, 3 textures (matte, satin and coloured balm), this substantial launch in the category, is based on vegan formulas containing up to 100% natural ingredients, rich in vegetable butters (mango, pomegranate, organic cranberry…) and colour pigments derived from synthetic micro-powders.

Kure Bazaar is now combining its best-selling nails polishes with 30 shades...

Kure Bazaar is now combining its best-selling nails polishes with 30 shades of coordinated lipsticks

In line with a comprehensive clean approach, the recyclable aluminium packs are refillable. The base of the tube, which is home to the interchangeable grape clipping is made of recyclable PET. The cases can be covered with a recycled jean fabric hand-sewn in Italy.

"We wanted to demonstrate that it was a product worth keeping and that, as such, it deserved to be taken care of," notes the founder. An approach, which is in a way, an allusion to the brand’s proximity to the world of fashion.

Launched exclusively in Paris, at Bon Marché Rive Gauche in 2012 and now distributed worldwide, in controlled and selective distribution channels (concept stores, department stores, luxury hotels, etc.), Kure Bazaar has managed to convince adepts of natural luxury. "Formulating naturally, means engaging in a discourse, it is a particular twist that immediately strikes the customer’s sensitive cord," concludes Christian David.

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