Founded in 1993 by Sung Il Kang, a former engineer in charge of packaging development at Amore Pacific, this company with 85 employees qualifies itself as a "Global Top Expert in Airless Dispenser & Dual Packaging" and as an "Innovation leader in Mechanical Dispensing Systems". Considering the company’s products offering and the list of its customers, the two qualifications seem far from being exaggerated.

Sung Il Kang founded Hana in 1993

Sung Il Kang founded Hana in 1993

The company obtained the ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certifications in 2001 and in 2005 respectively. In 2010, it started supplying the La Prairie brand with a particularly sophisticated airless packaging. In 2013, it reached record sales of US$ 21 million, a figure which largely superseded last year, with a new 27 million record mark. The year 2015 promises to be just as exceptional as this figure is expected to exceed 38 million!

Innovate and invest!

Any secret tricks? Simply innovate and invest! Hana now owns some 38 injection machines (Arburg, Toshiba, Fanuc), six automatic assembly machines and seven semi-automatic assembly machine for pumps and a varnishing and metallization line. The investment programme plans to increase the equipment population to 57 injection machines and 21 assembly lines by the end of 2015.

In terms of developed and marketed products, Hana relies on the success of both its very sophisticated airless packaging line and on a series of new products such as a new pump with an automatic closure that preserves the content; an airless packaging with a customizable dual compartment; another airless packaging with a very clever system for mixing two components upon use; a new lipstick tube with an automatic opening; a new mechanical pencil and, most of all, a new airtight and airless compact equipped with one of the smallest pumps in the world (8.5 mm high).

European organisation

European market is among Hana’s priorities and benefits from a cooperation with Mr Jürgen Kloebbe in Germany (Pulheim-Dansweiler), appointed as responsible of the European Sales Strategy, Mr Mauro Zulianello of Linea Glam France ( with offices in Paris, Venice and Taiwan) appointed as responsible for the French and Italian markets.