The story goes back three decades ago, with at the origin, a team of experts who were passionate about the unlimited potential offered by brushes for making up the eyes, and that continue to inspire a unique creative spirit within the company, from design to development.

Re-inventing brushes

Indeed, it is through innovation that Albéa scored a hit in the world of mascara, for example by being among the firsts to offer an alternative to fibre brushes with the plastic brush, but also through its ability to permanently re-invent the fibre brush, and finally creating new gestures and always smarter applicators. The objective remains the same: to allow women to obtain a perfect make-up result, in line with their specific needs whatever its personal cultural or ethnic references.

Plastic brushes

This is how were born original brush and application concepts that left its mark in the history of mascara, including:

 Hollow fiber brush (a hollow fibre that has revolutionized the mascara application),
 Mixed fiber brush (a brush associating non-organic fibres and organic fibres such as cotton for an optimised combing of lashes),
 Zoned fiber brush (with a specified positioning of each different fibre in order to maximize the effect),
 "Volume Clubbing" (first big brush capable of producing an extra make-up volume),
 Notch™ (specific orientation of the fibres to obtain a volumizing effect).

In 1980, the company positionned itself with the launch of the very first plastic brushes and has steadily expanded its range with concepts combining originality of design and optimization of the make-up result. Among the latest additions are Illusion™, Delta™, Roots™ ...

New application concepts

More recently, it is with the creation of bold application concepts such as the 90° Mascara, Two in One ™, Diorshow 360° that Albéa scored a hit with cosmetic brands. Two In One™ won the Package Design Award during the 2011 edition of the Cosmoprof tradeshow.

Easy Mascara

Today, Albéa files more than 10 patents per year and operates 4 state of the art industrial centres in Italy, Mexico, China and Brazil. The offer includes hundreds types of fibre and plastic brushes as well as over 50 different forms of containers and advanced decoration technologies. The standard offering is completed with a broad range of technologies that enable to design mascaras addressing specific customer expectations, in each of their markets.