Just like in its early stages, the promise of the camomile shampoo is to brighten blonde to chestnut hair with the reference among natural brightening actives: camomile. Klorane laboratories have selected a particular variety of camomile, Matricaria retutita, due to its high concentration in apigenin, a yellow pigment paradoxically contained in the flower’s petals that settles in the scales without penetrating the hair, and provides it with the golden and honey glints of blonde hair.

Blonde shades for the whole family

Just like all Klorane shampoo formulas, the new one is free from parabens, silicones, and phenoxyethanol, and is enriched in camomile extracts. It now also guarantees high enough paediatric tolerance for it to be used on children aged 3, and a new fragrance enhances the honey and wildflower olfactory evocation.

In addition to the shampoo, balm, and rinsing vinegar of the range, which were all reformulated, there is a new camomile and honey brightening sun cream: Soin Soleil Éclaircissant. It contains no discolouring agent and can be used by the whole family for sun-kissed hair easy to untangle all year round.

Klorane’s new Camomile family will be available in pharmacies in April, and so will the Pomegranate range for coloured hair, also reformulated.