Katell Perrot and Stéphane Lafond, co-founders of Toofruit

Katell Perrot and Stéphane Lafond, co-founders of Toofruit

Already present in nearly 600 outlets in France (one half in pharmacies and the other in beauty institutes, plus a few Biocoop and Mademoiselle Bio stores) but also in Austria, Belgium and Switzerland, and several Asian countries (China, Hong Kong, Thailand, Taiwan...), the cosmetic brand dedicated to childcare is launching new references.

Building on a second successful fund-raising operation in the second half of 2015, the Toofruit brand is accelerating its development with the ambition to become the reference on the children’s market. "This is increasingly the case with pharmacists and beauticians in France, even if the general public does not know us very well," explains Stéphane Lafond, co-founder and CEO of the Laboratoire Allistère, which develops and markets the brand.

To strengthen its position, Toofruit has planned several launches in the first half of 2016. Were already launched:

- two shampoos (with apple-almond and pineapple-coconut scents) specially adapted to sensitive skins,
- a hair detangler in a spray format with a cherry-strawberry fragrance, to use on wet or dry hair,
- and two dermatological ultra rich dermatological bars (pineapple-coconut and raspberry-strawberry scented), hygiene products soft to the skin and currently very popular in Asian markets like Thailand.

First food supplements

Very soon, the French brand will also launch its first food supplements with an "Energie" formula and an "Immunité" formula.

"Studies show a lack of iodine in diets. Yet this element is essential for neuronal growth. Our two new food supplements are made with a bladder wrack extract, a brown algae rich in iodine. Formulas are also complemented with products of the hive (respectively propolis and royal jelly) and acerola, for its vitamin C benefits," explains Stéphane Lafond.

Products were designed to bring health benefits to kids as part of a 30- day course of treatment, but it does not mean they are not fun and yummy to eat too. Both foot supplements will come in the form of jellies shaped like orange and mandarin slices.

Like all the other Toofruit products, these supplements are manufactured in France and are certified organic by ECOCERT. "However," stressed Stéphane Lafond, "we mostly insist on the fact that our formulas are specially suited to children’s skins, which are much drier than those of adults."

The brand is also developing a second deodorant reference, for children aged 9-10 and above.

Finally, after having tested in some Club Med spas specific treatment protocols for kids, Toofruit is also launching its Toofruit Academy in partnership with Club Med. This 20 minute animation performed by a beautician explain to children why the skin must be cleansed, and the effects of pollution. The brand will expand these animations beyond the Club Med spas to most beauty institutes where Toofruit is distributed.