Provital, a supplier of ingredients and of actives for the cosmetics industry, is tapping into sea resources to restructure the hair from the inside and it shine and brightness.

Keramare, the new active from the Spanish company, is a brown algae extract with a rich content in sulfated polysaccharides. Its insertion into a three-dimensional matrix of amylopectin of anionic nature enables a better affinity with the hair of cationic charge ensuring a potentiated action. Tests conducted by Provital on treated and untreated media show positive results on the overall appearance of hair. The hair looks brighter, softer and keratin fibres show an increased intrinsic vitality. Furthermore, several differential scanning calorimetry analysis (DSC) indicate that Keramare maintains the moisture level of hair even under high temperatures and repairs damage caused by some aggressive products like bleaching or smoothing products.

According to Provital, Keramare is a product that meets the needs of 56% of European women who declared felling more attractive and more self confident when their hair looked naturally bright [1]. But not only because the product is active on all hair types.