Tubeasy™ delivers an upgrade to traditional tubes and jars at a lower cost than airless bottles. Tubeasy™ easily dispenses thick formulas and provides superior evacuation performance across the board.

Lightweight soft PE pouch

When compared to jars, Tubeasy™ is a safer, more hygienic solution. When compared to pumps and airless bottles that get blocked or deactivated early, Tubeasy™ is a more sustainable solution. “We have replaced a traditional multimaterial pump with a lightweight soft PE pouch inside the tube that works as a piston and a protective shield avoiding contact with air,” says Xavier Sutty, CEO, PumpArt System.

The value Tubeasy™ brings to the consumer experience is exponential: 25% more product, longer lasting freshness of formula, an instant dose with each squeeze, the ability to use the tube in all positions (even upside down!), easier to empty, and always looks good on the shelf.

Filled through the top

For brands, Tubeasy™ is a great solution – reducing environmental impact, as well as over-filling. It also maintains its shape and allows for better branding moments. Its ease of use in the filling process significantly increases flexibility in which fulfillment can occur. “Brands can offer to their clients a unique experience using a tube that really supports the beauty ritual. There is no longer a need to fight with a tube or even cut it to get those precious last doses,” added Xavier Sutty.

Tubeasy™ is filled through the top, like a bottle with the bottom already sealed. This process ensures that less air can be trapped inside after filling – similar to an airless bottle or tottle, but unlike regular tubes that leave 20% empty space inside after filling.

Monomaterial design

The innovative package is ideal for viscous formulations often found in masks, exfoliators, scrubs, creams, and gels. The Tubeasy™ system has been designed to improve ease-of-use while providing an eco-friendlier solution. The monomaterial PE design allows for the pack to be 5x lighter than a traditional component comprised of multiple materials and uses less energy to produce. PE is one of the most recycled plastics in the world and is fully compatible with the current HDPE recycling stream.

Sustainability is quickly becoming a ‘must-have’ instead of a ‘nice-to-have’ in any new product launch, the Tubeasy™ system provides an attractive, and environmentally friendly option that uniquely provides improved performance as well as responsible packaging,” said Brad Weinberg, Chief Strategy Officer, kdc/one.

A soft plastic pouch is inserted into the standard plastic tube separating the volume into two parts with the upper chamber containing the product and the lower chamber with air. A flexible film acts as a valve closing the blowhole and controlling airflow and forcing it to act as a piston forcing out product. The blowhole opens once pressure is released and allows air to flow back into the lower chamber effectively reloading the ‘piston’, ready for the next dose.

Customers have sustainable options with Tubeasy™; in addition to the monomaterial PE version, the component is also available with the inclusion of PCR material, bio-based resin, or cardboard for different sustainability stories.

HCT and kdc/one are the sole providers of this technology in the U.S. and complements HCT’s expansive, stock tool catalogue. HCT proactively strives to create innovative sustainable packaging solutions that are refillable, incorporate eco-friendly materials, or are easier to recycle, and Tubeasy™ is exactly that.

HCT by kdc/one is a global leader in formulation and packaging innovation, offering end-to-end full turnkey solutions that increase speed-to-market. An integrated team of renowned experts in packaging, formulation, brushes, accessories, and devices are available to guide customers through the entire design and development process from concept to final product.

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