Japanese cosmetics giant, Kao Corporation has developed an extension of its Sofina brand. Named Sofina Jenne - a contraction coined from the brand’s concept comparing the Sofina’s jeune fille to a Parisienne - the new line is specifically designed for women in their 20s and will be available on stores nationwide throughout Japan from September 14, 2010.

Women in their 20s, who are sensitive to changes in their skin,” claims Kao. Sofina Jenne was developed to retain ceramide, which tends to be insufficient in their inner skin.

The line features a Makeup Cleansing Liquid (200ml), a Milky Cleanser (100ml), a Lotion (140ml) declined in two versions Refreshed finish and Moisturized finish, a Jelly Moisturizer (50g), and a Day Protector (30ml) declined in three versions, Light Finish SPF24 PA+++, Moisturized finish SPF24 PA+++, and SPF50+ PA+++.