Curèl, a Japanese line of facial moisturizers and cleansers designed specifically for dry and sensitive skin, is launching a pair of products that work in tandem to combat severe skin dryness. Available in Japan from April 4, 2024, the new set comprises the Curél Outfit-for-Skin Potion [1], a lotion that diffuses onto the skin as an ultra-thin veil, and the Veil Creator [2], a special diffuser used to apply the ultra-thin veil and create an artificial second skin. As the veil wraps the skin, it releases moisturizing ingredients that seep deep into the stratum corneum to keep the skin hydrated and relieve concerns about severe skin dryness.

Ultra-fine fibers

The ultra-thin membrane technology applied in the new potion and diffuser is based on Kao’s “Fine Fiber Technology,” a technique that allows to diffuse ultra-fine fibers directly onto the skin as a laminated, ultra-thin veil.

Kao Corporation first launched skincare applications based on the Fine Fiber Technology back in 2019, but Curél is now using it to introduce a new skincare method for intensive moisture care. Actually, the earlier renditions of the technology required a two-step care regime starting with the application of a dedicated nourishing essence before diffusing the veil. To simplify the application Kao scientists developed a hydrating beauty essence as the vital ingredient forming the veil.

Curél Outfit-for-Skin Potion is the first product to apply this new solution dubbed “bleed-out technology,” a process for filling the spaces between the ultra-fine fibers of the veil with moisturizing ingredients to nourish the skin. The ultra-thin veil stays in place snugly like a second skin as the moisturizing ingredients seep deeply into the stratum corneum. “When applied at the end of the nightly skincare routine, the veil keeps the skin hydrated for hours during sleep, resulting in firm, supple, and smooth skin by morning,Kao claims.

Panasonic collaboration

Kao has collaborated with Panasonic Corporation to develop an advanced version of the Veil Creator diffuser. Once loaded with the Curél Outfit-for-Skin Potion in a dedicated cartridge, the new Veil Creator Diffuser can apply an ultra-thin veil on a targeted area in a matter of seconds. The device is compact and freestanding, for easy handling.

The pair of products will be available for purchase from the official Kao online store (My Kao Mall). A subscription service will also be launched on Rentio to help customers easily start and maintain the new care regimen. Two subscription tiers are planned: a basic kit that includes Curél Outfit-for-Skin Potion and Curél Veil Creator, and a premium kit with an add-on Curél product delivered every month.