Tokyo-based cosmetics giant Kao has announced the settlement of its infringement lawsuits in Germany and Japan against Henkel group regarding foam type hair colour products.

Kao filed infringement lawsuits in Germany and in Japan in February 2011 after Henkel started marketing foam type hair colour products marketed under the brands Schwarzkopf Perfect Mousse and Fresh Light Foam Type Color. Kao said these products were infringing its intellectual property rights (German Utility Model No. 20 2004 021 775 and Japanese patent No. 4663772).

Kao says the final settlement is based on a license agreement and consequently ends the lawsuits in Germany and in Japan. “Due to contractual obligations, the details of the agreement are confidential. Kao values its intellectual properties including patents as its core critical management asset. In the case of Kao recognizing its patents as being infringed, the Company will continue to take a firm position on enforcing its rights.