In a move to offer more inclusive products, Kanebo Cosmetics has announced the launch of a series of new products and limited editions, including base makeup and foundation that can be mixed together. A total of thirty-six items of nine types will debut in Japan on September 04, 2020, at prices ranging from 800 to 6,000 yen (880 and 6,600 yen, including tax). The coming releases will extend Kanebo’s creative focus on expressing hope while highlighting the attractions of individuality.

On a functional level, the makeup strategy shifts away from “concealing” skin concerns with foundation on top of makeup base, to widening the range of expression by finishing the skin with a base-and-foundation blend. “Finer control of skin texture and color reveals the distinct features and beauty of every person,” explains the Japanese brand in a statement.

Together with new makeup base, Kanebo will release lip and eye makeup.

Kanebo’s new lineup of products

Kanebo Fusionfit Wear foundation is designed to enhance the beauty of the skin by feeding it with moisture and glow. It forms a thin veil on the skin thanks to hybrid pigments coated with the ingredient containing amino acid derivatives that are similar to natural components of skin ensures beautiful, clear coloring that lasts.

Kanebo Performing Drop makeup base comes in a range of textures and finishes and can be used used together with Kanebo Fusionfit Wear to give the skin with a clear, effortless-looking finish by controlling color and texture.

Performing Drop opens up possibilities for the creation of distinctive impressions. Three colors will be available: Radiant Black, Vibrant Red, and Misty White.

Kanebo Moisture Rouge Neo lipstick combines makeup with care. It colors the lips while moisturizing them. The oil base, with its wrapping effect, comforts the lips with sensations of moisture while protecting them from dryness.