For its new collection, the Jovoy Paris perfume house opted for Aptar’s Sensea pump.

The eight new fragrances ("La Liturgie des Heures", "L’Enfant Terrible" "Les Jeux sont faits", "Psychédélique", etc.) will therefore benefit from this new technology designed to offer an ultra fine spray, resembling a broad, light and enveloping mist.

Given a new lease on life by a perfume enthusiast, the Jovoy perfume house has been writing a new page in its history for the past seven years with the opening of a store which has become the new embassy for rare perfumes in Paris.

"For this exclusive collection, we were seeking a pump providing a fine and generous spray while being easy to activate given the weight of the bottles. When seeking a replacement for our existing pump, we were won over by the extreme gentleness and fine vaporous spray of the Sensea pump from Aptar Beauty + Home," enthused François Hénin, director of the Jovoy store and owner of the brand of the same name.

Thus, the Sensea pump developed by Aptar beauty + home - in its Seal Tight version, with a 90μl dose, HDS actuator with overcap and glossy silver metal decoration and crystal dip tube - is now fitted to the "Eau de Parfum" bottles in the Jovoy Paris collection’s 50 ml and 100 ml formats. The Sensea pump is founded on “the success and reliability of the VP 4 pump,” says Aptar.