Alliora has produced the case of Jour d’Hermès. The subsidiary of the Iléos Group, and a leader in France on the paperboard packaging market, created the cases for the entire Jour d’Hermès range which houses the glass bottle designed by Pierre Hardy.

Seemingly simple, this packaging features several challenges that were solved by Alliora’s factory in Saint-Hilaire (Normandy).

Choosing the right paperboard was a first step. Brut uncoated paperboard was selected for its naturally smooth aspect and its high level of whiteness. The material’s processing was also essential - embossed on the entire surface, the paperboard’s subtle orange-peel effect has a velvety touch. The name of both the fragrance and the brand stand out in hot-stamped gold.

The case also plays on the contrast of the fininshing—satin paperboard and shiny band. “This is a technical feat,” says Alliora as applying varnish on brut paperboard is a highly complex process. “The result is impeccable: the paperboard’s satin effect boosts the band’s ultra shiny whiteness. The final touch is the finely embossed logo and the brand’s emblematic carriage.
Together, these details create a strong visual impact.

Eventually, the case put the spotlight on the luxury player’s codes and demands through the material and highly detailed finishes.

Alliora operates eight production sites and achieved 124 million euros in sales in 2012.