With the new Collection Héritage by Jean Patou, house perfumer Thomas Fontaine and his team have revived the past creations of the great perfume house of the Roaring Twenties. It has just been enriched with three fragrances recalling History.

Fashion designer Jean Patou enjoyed taking inspiration from the major events of his century to create his perfumes. As an example, the mythical Joy was meant to distract those that the Great Depression had made the most (un)fortunate with a relieving trail. To pay tribute to their era, Thomas Fontaine drew on this heritage, a symbol of the past century, and selected and revived three different perfumes.

Vacances, a new launching of the 1936 fragrance, is a nod to the Front Populaire, a left-wing French party of the time, and to the first paid vacation in the country. It embodies the spring charm of rural holidays with hints of mimosa, rose, jasmine, galbanum, and lilac.

Colony, a new launching of the 1938 fragrance, pays tribute to French trading posts and to the richness of their raw materials at the colonial exhibition. This fruity chypre is more sensual and exploits the exotic scents of pineapple and vetiver.

L’Heure Attendue, a new launching of the 1946 fragrance, celebrates the end of the war and the Liberation of Paris. It is a burst of joy after years of shortage, an olfactory abundance as this spicy oriental woody fragrance is endowed with floral hints of neroli, aldehyde, and tangerine.

This exclusive collection awakens the basics of a dormant House with a great olfactory History which embodies French luxury,” Thomas Fontaine explains.

The single bottle is made of thick, rounded glass, and bears Jean Patou’s monogram. It is made by Saverglass France and presented as a black and gold bell cover by Prestige Packaging.

This new Collection Héritage trilogy is available in special perfume shops as well as at Espace Jean Patou, Rue St Florentin, in Paris. It adds to Chaldée, Eau de Patou, and Patou pour Homme, launched in October 2013, and Deux Amours, Que sais-je, and Adieu Sagesse, which came out last July and are dedicated to blondes, brunettes, and redheads.