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Jackel - LF Beauty fully invests the segment of instrumental beauty

To meet the needs of a market that could already represent this year for the U.S. territory alone at least a billion dollars and whose growth rate for the five years to come should be, according to the latest studies under way, simply "outstanding", the teams of Jackel - LF Beauty have decided to offer a whole line of products ranging from the rotating brush to the eyelash curlers including vibrating heating or cooling applicators, steam diffusers, tweezers with numerous technical options, rotary nail files, humidifiers and / or skin purifiers etc.. Explanations by Bruno Clamens, CEO of Jackel International Europe and Head of the division.

Bruno Clamens, CEO of Jackel International Europe

Bruno Clamens, CEO of Jackel International Europe

Premium Beauty News - Obviously Jackel - LF Beauty had all the necessary legitimacy to offer a range of products on this booming new market?

Bruno Clamens - Absolutely! Remember that, historically, before becoming a major player in the luxury and beauty industry, Jackel was originally a manufacturer of electrical products for childcare such as, for example, bottle warmers or even electric sterilizers. The childcare segment is very demanding in terms of compliance with hygiene, nutrition, safety and electrical regulations, we are therefore perfectly legitimate in this area.

We know how to "heat", "cool", "diffuse vapour", "recreate a vibration", "sterilize", "dry", "detect", "use ultrasounds" and so on.

We took the best from both worlds: our know-how in electrical appliances and our expertise in high-end packaging, in order to offer products which technically and aesthetically meet the expectations of prestige brands.

It is really only fairly recently that this activity has been developing strongly under the pressure of increasingly demanding customers, especially in the beauty segment.

Premium Beauty News - An annual growth rate of up to 50% is being assumed for the United States alone!

Bruno Clamens - But it’s not just the United States. Demand is growing strongly in Asia and Europe. This corresponds to two major trends, compounded by the aging of the population: the growing market of well-being and the concept of home beauty institutes.

Premium Beauty News - Finally, who are your customers?

Bruno Clamens - First of all, of course, cosmetic brands followed by all possible means of distribution (stores, internet, home shopping, etc..). I must insist on the fact that our offering has nothing to do with gadgets. It consists of truly technical products, often quite complex, that must be reliable and offer a real plus in terms of efficiency to the consumer.

Premium Beauty News - In fact, in your range, there’s something for everyone?

Bruno Clamens - The range never stops growing. I must say that the scope of possible uses is extremely broad. This concerns nails with the development, among others, of UV nail dryers, skincare, eyelash care, body care...

These instruments may feature various functions like cooling or heating, massaging, smoothing, moistening, facilitating skin cleaning or the penetration of a formula. They often come in support of cosmetic products which can therefore be applied or absorbed by the skin the best possible way.

Interview by Jean-Yves Bourgeois

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