Jackel’s initial activity was an Asian sourcing business for the American and European markets then rapidly focused on the perfumery and cosmetic business.

Jean-Stanislas Orlowski, Jackel France's General Director

Jean-Stanislas Orlowski, Jackel France’s General Director

Zamac and aluminium

The company soon became a specialist in the transformation of zamac and aluminium, a business area in which Jackel was soon recognised as a perfect performer. The Jackel group can now boast itself to be a world leader in this business, owning an impressive industrial equipment, located in Shenzen, People’s Republic of China, employing about 1,800 staff and a facility of 60,000 square metres. Year after year, the investments in this factory are growing at an impressive rate. “More than ten transfer machines have been added this year and also new automatic polishing lines,” highlights Jean-Stanislas Orlowski, Jackel France’s General Director.

Metal transformation is a strategic industrial axis for Jackel Cosmetics. It was reinforced last year through the acquisition of a majority of the shares of an anodising unit, JS Anodising, and the acquisition of a surface treatment unit would be already scheduled this year.

Plastic transformation

However, the activity of Jackel Cosmetics Ltd. is far from being limited to metal transformation,” says Jean-Stanislas Orlowski. Actually, plastic transformation is now an important component of the company’s activity through dedicated product units in China, such as PCM Sinoplast (9,000 square metres) and Castle Way (18,600 square metres).

Industrial integration

Jackel’s strategy of industrial integration also features the development of cosmetic and perfumed formulas (lip gloss, lipsticks, compact powders, mascaras, fragrances) in the group’s factory, JV Cosmetics, which employs 300 staff and that was recently extended to 22,000 square metres. “This year we’re launching our own range of formulas,” Jean-Stanislas Orlowski confirms.

Metal, plastic, formulations, filling and even glass-making, Jackel Cosmetics (a turnover of USD 120 millions) is now ready to provide full product development services.

The most important is our customers’ confidence. They know that, from one end to the other of the manufacturing chain, we provide a high-quality service. Thanks to our manufacturing facilities in China and our sales network worldwide, in particular in France, our customers have guarantee the best follow-up for achieving the best results,” Jean-Stanislas Orlowski states.

In France, Jackel chose to strengthen its logistics with the opening of a new platform in September 2008, in cooperation with Sitrans, and the recruitment of three additional staff.

The US team was also strengthened, with Eric Bigotte and Mike Druce joining the New York office, respectively as Executive Vice President of Marketing and Sales, and Vice President of Sales.

Guerlain, Rouge G

Guerlain, Rouge G

Jackel launches a new lipstick for Guerlain

Guerlain’s latest lipstick is a brand new self-explanatory illustration of the Jackel’s know-how. The tube is made of zamac, is white nickel coated, features a magnetic closure system and needs a hand assembling of sixteen different pieces. Jackel produced up to 100,000 units per week. The main challenge was to comply with the design and the weight and volume specifications required by the customer.