Premium Beauty News - This year can be considered a milestone for iTiT Cosmetics!

Mirko Panico - It is indeed a special year. Five years ago iTiT Cosmetics was founded with the aim to create a new company specialized in the design, study and manufacturing of high profile cosmetics. iTiT Cosmetics is the result of an idea and an entrepreneurial partnership between me and Raquel Melgarejo Antequera. We had a vision: “Global Cosmetics Designer”. A unique and innovative concept in the field of cosmetics, which proposes ideas, concepts and unique products. From the creation of lip products and emulsions, the field in which we operate, we developed as a global cosmetic designer shortly after its inception proposing innovative products, which included those for the eyes.

Premium Beauty News - How do you see your mission?

Mirko Panico - Our mission is absolutely new and unique: to be a real partner who turns ideas into reality, creating exclusive cosmetic projects designed according to the highest quality standards. iTiT Cosmetics is a company that widens the borders of make-up and skincare cosmetics research and becomes a global cosmetics designer developing complete and exclusive projects. We are a lab of ideas for the customer. Our team consists of professionals who use their creativity and their idea to serve the client in order to make exclusive and customised cosmetic projects. The dream, the idea, the concept take shape and becomes real. Innovation and uniqueness come together in a perfect mix. iTiT is a truly global cosmetics designer who dresses the idea with an exclusive and high added value project.

Premium Beauty News - You have invested heavily in recent months in your R&D laboratory with six people today. Moreover your notion of service is particularly developed.

Mirko Panico - Creativity and new ideas, together with high level professional skills, these are the strengths points of the iTiT R&D Lab who studies, together with the Marketing department, the concepts and the national and international markets trends to translate them into real and exclusive products.

In order to ensure the Client has the highest level of reliability and cooperation in all the different steps of finalisation of the product, a wide range of high technical value offers and high creative impact marketing proposals are implemented together with a series of additional services:

- Complete projects complying with the highest quality standards
- Study, implementation and industrialization of exclusive formulas for the Client.
- Editing of a Cosmetology Dossier.
- Processing of specialist tests (SPF, Efficiency test, etc.) made by external and certified laboratories who implement the Cosmetology Dossier.
- Specific market and product studies.
- Exclusive packaging and design project
- The Client has the possibility to check in real time the project’s state of development.

All these services complete the concept of “Global Cosmetics Designer” in order to guarantee total satisfaction to the Client.

Premium Beauty News - The bulk of your sales are currently achieved abroad? And you have invested a lot in your production tool in recent months.

Mirko Panico - Absolutely! The US accounts for almost 50% of Export sales, which have reached 70%. We have increased our production capacity by nearly 30% with the acquisition of new machines.