Unipro’s, the Italian Cosmetics Industry Association, traditional annual analysis of market statistics revealed moderate progression of the Italian cosmetics market to 9,070 million euros (+0.8%) in 2008.

At a time when the economy is suffering the effects of the world financial crisis, the consumption of cosmetics in Italy is showing signs of holding its own,” the Italian trade body says.

According to Unipro, trends in consumption by channel confirm the dynamics tending towards more specific distribution venues that pay more attention to providing customer service, such as pharmacies, up by 3.8% to a value of nearly 1,390 million euros, and herbalist shops, up by 3.7% with a market worth more than 310 million euros.

Among the most eye-catching sales performances in 2008 were the increases in make-up products (up by 5.3% to more than 323 million euros), of nail varnishes, up by 9.3% to nearly 80 million euros, and of mouthwashes, up by nearly ten percentage points to a sales value of nearly 150 million euros.

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Unipro’s Cosmetic figures April 2009