Born in Barcelona under the warm Mediterranean sun, ISDIN aims to establish itself as a force to be reckoned with in the field of sun protection and skin health. Founded in 1975 as a joint venture between the pharmaceutical laboratory Esteve and the Spanish cosmetics giant Puig, the brand now has 15 subsidiaries around the world, a footprint in 59 countries and is enjoying exponential growth.

"Our goal is to continue growing at a double-digit pace in 2024," explains Stéphanie Barbier, Global Corporate Marketing Director.

Photoprotection and sensoriality

ISDIN is making its mark in South America, where it is the market leader in Argentina and Peru. It has also won over Brazil, where it markets the country’s best-selling suncare product. Established a few years ago in the United States (online and at dermatologists) and in China (Tmall and specialised chains), the brand is beginning to make inroads in these difficult markets, which are keen to see new products.

In Europe, ISDIN is the leader in suncare in Spain and is rapidly gaining recognition outside its domestic market, in particular by partnering with major sporting events, in keeping with its outdoor culture. France, Italy, and Germany are top priorities. The brand intends to build on the benefits of daily UV protection and capitalise on the sensoriality of its textures.

"The links between skin ageing and sun exposure are well established, but there is still a lot of work to be done to raise awareness of the importance of a regular photoprotection routine. Our sunscreen products were completely reformulated in 2023, and we have done a lot of work to create unique, light, non-sticky textures that are outstandingly sensorial," stresses Éric Jourdan, Global Corporate Innovation & Development Director.

Innovations and commitment

Some new products should help to sustain growth in 2024. After revamping its best-seller FusionWater Magic, with a new combination of sunscreens enriched with an antioxidant micro-algae extract from the Mediterranean, ISDIN will be unveiling FusionWater Magic Glow, an SPF 30 UV filter offering optimum daily protection with an instant radiant glow thanks to a formula enriched with micas.

This year, ISDIN is also introducing its very first suncare stick, the result of a complex development, because the brand wanted to combine a high level of protection with its signature sensorial appeal.

Finally, the Spanish brand is also expanding its expert Fotoultra line, dedicated to people whose exposure to the sun requires a specific response, with two new products: Fotoultra Redness, for skin with rosacea redness, and Fotoultra Stop Prevent Color, a tinted version of its protector dedicated to preventing pigmentation spots.

At the same time, ISDIN is carrying out some awareness-raising campaigns on the importance of photoprotection - in schools in Spain and South America, and on tennis courts with athletes and spectators at major world tournaments - to help eradicate skin cancer. ISDIN, the only Spanish laboratory with B Corp certification, is also involved in many environmental protection initiatives, including a programme to clean up the Mediterranean Sea, in partnership with NGOs. "Our commitment is to remove as much plastic from the sea as we put on the market with our FusionWater range," adds Stéphanie Barbier. As a result, 75 tonnes were removed from the oceans in 2023 and, given the success of the range, 200 tonnes should be extracted by 2024.

These actions go hand in hand with major R&D initiatives: firstly, to reduce the use of plastic in packaging, by offering refill solutions (for anti-ageing ranges) and as much recyclable packaging as possible; and secondly, to limit the impact of formulas on the environment, by including an eco-toxicological analysis right from the development phase.

"We want to be a love brand, respected for our products and our actions," concludes the Marketing Director.