"Nothing will be the same anymore and we must be more than ever creative and efficient in terms of products ... more responsive also to quickly respond market requirements", explains Dario Ferrari, for whom this crisis, however, occurred at a time when the industrial position of Intercos was "totally stabilized worldwide".

Dario Ferrari, Intercos

Dario Ferrari, Intercos

Strong international foundations

"Our industrial tools are operating perfectly, which is not the case, the least we can say, with many businesses in the sector where the equipment is often obsolete. We are solidly established in the United States where our capacity doubled last year. In Europe, and especially in Italy, where we surely have one of the most modern production unit in the world. We will surely be operating in Brazil in the coming months, a country where we are already very much in demand. Finally, we are reaping the benefits of our presence in China, where as you remember, we currently have four plants. For our customers is means security. This part of the world already weighs more than 10% of our industrial turnover and I think that with the kind of growth rate we are experiencing, it could represent half of our industrial activity in seven years ".

For this reason, it is in this part of the world and from this region, according to Dario Ferrari, that many things relevant of the cosmetic world will be at stake, if only the huge market that it represents and the competition it will cause between suppliers from all parts of the world.

A new division for standard lines

"This is one reason, he says, that led us to think over our strategic and commercial approach by creating as of next year, a new division, Smart Beauty, with the aim of offering complete standard lines ( including packaging), very innovative and with attractive prices ... Clearly, we want to tap into the market of competitors dealing in packaging and promotional items".

But Dario Ferrari underlines that Intercos’s first asset "remains and will always remain in the ability to find and develop new formulas." And at this level, the Italian company does not appear to lack imagination. "Next year, we will again market nearly 150 new products. Our activity is also very sound in the universe of pencils where we will continue to strengthen ourselves, and our development strategy on the skincare segment is particularly promising with new products and designs planned for next year".