Intercos overtook CRB, three years ago. CRB totalizes 150 staffs and its turnover should reach CHF 33 million in 2009. On the occasion of Cosmoprof Asia, Intercos’ stand was clearly demonstrating that the will of its leader, Dario Ferrari, was to put forward its skincare subsidiary.

Skincare products

This company, as you may know, belonged to my family and joined the Group in 2005,Dario Ferrari explains. “Since this date, our strategy, together with Simone Gibertoni, CRB’s General director, consisted, on the one hand, to optimise CRB’s huge know-how and current positions, and, on the other hand, to implement new concepts hence increasing the value of CRB’s offer.

CRB must be (already is!) at the very heart of our group’s development strategy on the skincare segment, and this is why we want to transmit to this company the same gift for innovation that has always been Intercos’ credo. In order to achieve this result, new active ingredients, and new raw materials are the key to success. We are already working to address the issues.

Eco White

In Hong Kong, CRB highlighted its Eco White range featuring five references. Botanical Elixir, an ultra-natural serum, extremely hydrating, designed to repair the skin’s small imperfections and discoloration spots. Natural Harmony Cream, with an extremely soft creamy texture to enlight and regenerate the skin. Eco Spot Eraser, a lightening formula to erase dark spots. Herbal Clarity Mask, a soothing and healing mask that revitalizes the skin. And eventually, Light Eco Breeze, a toning lotion for refreshing and lightening the skin.

The Eco White line features products complying with the Cosmebio charter and ready to pass the EcoCert certification.

The other lines showcased by CRB during Cosmoprof Asia in Hong Kong are the following: the Crystal Inspiration, a luxury range made of mineral crystal and gold, and playing with transparency effects; the Beauty Designer line allowing women to formulate their own products, in compliance with its skin’s needs; the Ironman line, specifically dedicated to modern men, the Swiss Ritual line, combining Asian beauty gestures with Swiss technology; and eventually, Skin Metabolics, where science meets nature for state-of-the-art skincare products. Furthermore, CRB also proposes a portfolio featuring hundreds of products.

However, CRB is a laboratory specialised in tailor made third party formulations, the product lines we are showcasing are only starting points for our creativity, they provide ideas for the unique original products that will be supplied to each customer,Dario Ferrari explains.