With facilities in the USA and China ATP’s product offerings include PETG jars, jar covers, jar disks, push-up deodorant cases, propel-repel deodorant cases, thermoformed inserts, specialty closures and service closures,. Additional “In-House technologies” include silk screening, hot stamping, spray frost lines, U.V. lacquer, vacuum metalizing, tampo printing, lining, shrink banding, and multi-component assembly. Other new products to be displayed include a 2oz oval push-up deodorant stick, air tight compacts, as well as an extensive array of custom designed packages recently introduced. See online:


COVERPLA showcased its three new models of caps (surlyn material and aluminum) two new perfume glass bottles, a new cosmetic jar with matching cover and a new PET bottle in 200ml. - See online:


”Piano Black™”: This printing innovation exhibits a dark deep black, achieved by using proprietary inks and Curtis’s exclusive HiGloss CurtCOAT®. This technique is richer than black film animation and is recyclable. - See online:

Refill cases injected specially designed to carry and protect vials of liquid vitamins and nutrients for the “SO U” brand (company specialized in preventative health). This case, injected in ABS is composed of three parts: an inner insert, a rotating cover and an outer base. The inner insert is injected in opaque gray ABS and lacquered in silver on the outside and inside of each cavity. The base and cover are injected in anthracite opaque black (male version). The exterior is frosted in the tooling with debossed lines. Male and female versions available in different designs. A satin effect and velvet feel are created by the application of “soft touch” varnish. The “SO U” logo is embossed and hot stamped in matte silver. - See online:

Airless dispensers are clean and precise. Consumers appreciate them, because they protect fine skin care and allow them to empty the package for 99%. There are many reasons why airless dispensing will be essential for quality skin care. A good time for DieterBakicEnterprises to capitalize on its design expertise and introduce PAN, its first airless dispenser. PAN can be used as stand-alone or can be incorporated in the design family LUPO/LOOP. In accordance to the company’s mix-and-match principle, clients can put together a complete packaging range and integrate the airless dispensers in their brand design. PAN is available in 50ml, 100ml and 150ml. - See online:


An Elegant Sustainable Packaging Solution. Renew paper shopping bags™ are designed to exceed your expectations. Available in six standard colors and five convenient sizes, these bags are made from beater-dyed and embossed luxury paper that is more than 9 mils thick. The paper is FSC certified and contains 30% PCW. Renew bags™ are upscale, durable, reusable and recyclable and they are available on short notice in minimal quantities. - See online:

Fusion packaging launches an innovative, unique approach to skincare packaging: Kurve. You’ve never seen an airless bottle with curves as intriguing as these. The Kurve line includes an airless bottle in 15ml and 30 ml and an acrylic jar in 30ml and 50ml available now. Additional sizes already in the works. The product is fully customizable an can be combined with a range of decorative options such as customs colors, silk screening, hot stamping, U.V. metalizing and offset printing. Airless designs keep air and other contaminants out of the dispensing system, they help prevent oxidation and extend life of the product. - See online:

The new Spa jar line from Kaufman Container includes two low profile polypropylene cosmetic jars in 15Oml and 25O ml sizes. The jars have a custom 94mm screw top cap with a disk insert to keep your product in place. The lids provide ample room to promote your product through screen printing, hot stamping or labelling. All services provided in-house
by Kaufman Container. These cosmetic jars are perfect for a family of salt scrubs, body butters, lotion, cosmetic applications and more. The jars come in natural but can be custom ordered in an array of colors to suit your needs. - See online:

Clickit IP™, a high end, cost-effective, resin injected version of MWV’s market-leading Melodie Clickit IP pump, is now available with a wider array of decorative finishes and custom printing, providing customer in the masstige and prestige markets more opportunities to differentiate their packaging. The enhancements are essential in elevating the
presentation of the pump for a luxurious look and feel. - See online:

Planet Canit teamed up with Silver Joe’s & C3 Brandworks (USD535,530) to take coffee packaging into uncharted territory. Thinking past the traditional coffee cylinder this metal package – upscale, unique, exclusive and inviting – has taken coffee packaging in an exciting new direction. - See online:

Seidel developed and produced an innovative round aluminium jar for Estée Lauder’s Re-Nutriv range. The metal jar is made from one piece and has an aluminum inner jar with a special coating. In addition Seidel uses the “double anodizing” technology: the “EL” logo is printed on one part of the jar which is anodized in shiny gold., whereas the rest of the jar is anodized in matt colours. - See online:

Developed for Giorgio Armani Parfums, this high end package is an assembly of 8 components made of different materials such as PCTG, POM, metal. The injection molded cap is pad printed on the top with the Armani logo then UV varnished. A weigh completes the sub-assembly by adding a luxurious feeling. The refillable base is injection molded without parting line nor draft. Decorations consist of a pad printing of the front side with a UV varnishing for protection and color depth. A colored metal anodized ring is mounted on the top. The ring is fitted with a shroud that makes up for the glass dimensional variations. A 2-piece “trap door” like system and a slide very unique by its design, closes the bottom of the base. - See online:

Tera Venus is the first luxury cosmetic sponge that is guaranteed not to change color over time. Our accelerated lab tests have proven that Tera Venus will not be affected by UV light or Noxious Gasses over a period of 3 years. Traditionally, all cosmetic sponges experience the effects of oxidation - surface hardening and discoloration from the elements. Tera Venus is heat-sealable which makes it ideal for use as an Eye Shadow Applicator. For the first time ever Eye Shadow Applicators can be made in pure white without any concern for discoloration over time. Virtually all shapes and designs are achievable in this material. - See online: