Bioplan, Applidose French manicure kit

"Innovation is a key focus of the strategy of the Iléos Group as a whole," explains Ludovic Anceau CEO of Bioplan Beauty. Much of the innovative work is carried out jointly at the group level, in order to maximize synergies and benefit from the experiences of the various entities (Alliora for luxury boxes and cases, Axilone for metal, closures and lipstick tubes, Bioplan for samples and unidoses, Packetis for folding boxes and leaflets for health products). Information on markets and trends can also be shared within the group. In addition, some road shows are performed jointly to optimize the time of our customers by providing them with one-stop solutions, with cardboard packaging from Alliora or metal or plastic components developed by Axilone...

A portfolio of innovations

Bioplan now has an R&D centre in France, the United States, as well as correspondents in charge of innovation in each country where the company is present. An Innovation Committee meets on a quarterly basis, with a strong involvement of the senior management. The company can therefore permanently rely on fifteen ideas in its portfolio which are deepened and developed to be presented to clients on a confidential basis. “There is a real demand from customers at this level, and it allows us to cross-fertilize our ideas, have quick feed-backs to deepen or redirect a project,” emphasises Stéphane Frémiot, Sales and Marketing Director.

Ideas that stand out and have a real market potential, then benefit from more significant investments. “The main trigger being the customer’s request. The investment can turn out being significant, there is therefore is a non-negligible risk factor, hence the importance of our customers’ support.” confirms Frémiot.

Bioplan, gloss tube sample

Make-up is certainly one of the most demanding areas in terms of innovation. Given the numerous shades to process, the different types of application which are an integral part of the consumer test, make-up is certainly the area with the greatest technical complexity. Much progress has been made in this area although for some products, the technical solution enabling to reproduce with a sample the exact application gesture under affordable economic conditions, still needs to be invented.

Another important aspect of innovation in the cosmetics sector: it enables to offer provide other markets with new concepts. “Technologies developed in cosmetics are very attractive for the homecare and the food sector,” underlines Anceau. “Our Polish site is specializing strongly in these areas in addition to its promotional co-packing activity.