Towards Active Beauty by Nature

Consumers prioritize products that not only enhance the appearance of their skin but also offer lasting benefits for its daily balance. It is in this context that Thépenier Pharma & Cosmetics introduces its "Core Active Beauty" range, formula bases whose effectiveness (hydration, soothing, radiance, anti-pollution, or anti-aging protection) is present even before the addition of active ingredients, thanks to a differentiating formulation innovation.

Core Active Beauty Bases: A Response to Market Demands

Thépenier Pharma & Cosmetics’ Core Active Beauty bases are designed to meet the strictest requirements of the beauty market. Their unique formulation incorporates highly performing ingredients, carefully selected for their functional properties and skin benefits. Composed of a minimum of 95% natural origin ingredients, they offer a technical and sensory solution that meets consumer expectations. This choice of formulation also aligns with the current trend of streamlining, using multifunctional ingredients for a more concise final formula. True to the principles of the Safe Beauty concept it has envisioned, Thépenier Pharma & Cosmetics only uses strictly necessary ingredients, respectful of the skin and its balance. The selection of raw materials reflects the dual culture of the group: Japanese algae, rice, and Normandy apple!

Cutting-Edge Technology: Biomimetic Lamellar Emulsions

The innovative technology of lamellar emulsions lies at the heart of the Core Active Beauty bases. This biomimetic structure, which replicates the lamellar organization of the epidermis, ensures perfect affinity with the skin, offering maximum efficacy and optimal penetration of the product. They are ideal for daily use and suitable for all skin types, ages, and skin tones.

Patented Hydrating Formulation for Proven Efficacy

This first formulation in the range has been patented and embodies the very essence of innovation in the beauty industry. This patent focuses on a specific combination of carefully selected ingredients to create an ultra-performing lamellar emulsion. This unique structure allows for the provision of an active base with demonstrated intrinsic hydration efficacy. The addition of one or more complementary actives will further optimize the benefits of the core formula, for amplified results and stronger, better hydrated, and more beautiful skin.

Three Sensory Textures for Customization

To meet the varied needs of consumers, Thépenier Pharma & Cosmetics offers the Core Active Beauty bases in three sensory textures: a fluid cream, a classic emulsion, and a thick cream. Each texture offers a unique experience, ranging from the evanescent lightness of the fluid cream to the comforting richness of the thick cream. These customizable textures provide great freedom for brands to create and personalize their range of products, without compromising the stability and performance of the core formula, which works in synergy with the client’s active ingredient(s) for enhanced efficacy. With common characteristics of astonishing freshness upon application and rapid absorption, the selection of textures caters to a variety of needs and preferences. By offering the ability to customize these textures according to the specific needs of each client, Thépenier Pharma & Cosmetics aims to enable brands to stand out in the market, streamline product development time, and time-to-market, by capitalizing on the action of the core formula.

Reinventing Development-to-Order Innovation

The Core Active Beauty bases aim to be the spearhead of innovation inherent to outsourcing according to Thépenier Pharma & Cosmetics, with the following characteristics:

 A stable core formula with its own activity, working in synergy with the specific active ingredient(s) of each brand;
 Proven efficacy guaranteeing a benefit for the skin even without the addition of active ingredients;
 Differentiating sensoriality;
 A formulation that favors natural origin ingredients and streamlines rationalization of components;
 Skin benefits regardless of skin type, age, or gender.

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