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Ingrid Jackel, at the helm of the brand “Yes To”

About US$ 50 million in sales, 35 people, with products not only distributed in the United States (27,000 points of sales) and Canada but also in the UK at Boots and even Australia..., this brand has done extremely well since its creation in 2006 by two entrepreneurs, Ido Leffler and Lance Kalish. Their concept was simple: “to shake up the world and create a super-natural beauty line, made with fruits and veggies that iworks, is guilt-free and free of harsh chemicals.” A lofty goal, which resulted in the creation of “Yes To Carrots”, which later became “Yes To”. Ingrid Jackel, the new CEO who decided to locate the company’s new headquarters in Los Angeles, tells us the story of this unique brand, her vision and her projects.

Ingrid Jackel, the new CEO of Yes To

Ingrid Jackel, the new CEO of Yes To

Premium Beauty News - A one-of-a-kind adventure for this brand built at first on the combination of beta-carotene and mud from the Dead Sea.

Ingrid Jackel - A true success story the US way. To say more “the American way, but its West Coast version”! Ido Leffler and Lance Kalish were undeniably real visionaries in 2006 when they decided to position the brand on this rather bold combination. And on top of it with a tremendous sense of humor. But soon they realized the value of extending it to ingredients coming from other veggies and fruits. But it’s also the brand’s outstanding marketing environment that managed through its originality, to break to some extent, the codes of the industry.

The starting principle is simple: skin absorbs much of what you put on it, so we believe it’s important to care as much about what you put on your body as what you put in it. Our formulas are truly natural, and we’re proud to be up front and fully transparent about it! Literally, front and center on all our products you’ll find our seal showing each and every product is at least 95 % natural! Our products are also formulated without parabens, phthalates, and SLS, plus packaged in recyclable packaging whenever possible.

Our team of skincare experts combine awesome natural ingredients with the latest and greatest formulation recipes to make sure that our products deliver on what you want - whether that’s cleansing, moisturizing, or blemish zapping. Depending on product type and intended use, we test a variety of our products for certain areas of concern (irritation, hypoallergenic / sensitivity testing, dermatologist tested, tear free, non-comedogenic, and clinical tests). All of our testing is performed in third party testing laboratories and never tested on animals.

Premium Beauty News - In any case, the concept works!

Ingrid Jackel - Indeed, yes! “Yes To” products make skin feel good while bringing a smile to your face! 95% natural (at least) and 100% positive. From the soothing, spa-like scent of cucumbers to the silky (never greasy) texture of our moisturizers, what better way to start (or finish) each day than doing it with products that feel and smell fantastic? We are pretty proud how many people have fallen in love with “Yes To” products, from the lady next to us on the bus to beauty editors.

We say “Yes To” super-natural beauty products that work, spread smiles, and give back.

“Yes To” products work because we never compromise. “Yes To” makes you smile (read our packaging!) We want to inspire people to take ordinary life moments and make them extraordinary by doing two things:

a) smiling more (let’s see it!)
b) saying “Yes” at least once a day!

“Yes To” believes in giving back. We are therefore committed to giving back a portion of our company profits to the “Yes To” Seed Fund, whose goal is to inspire people to lead healthier, more positive lives.

Premium Beauty News - Your goals?

Ingrid Jackel - Double our sales, nothing else! We already operate on the segments of face care, body care, hair care... after a shower, after exercising, at work and at home, in front of our mirror or in a bathroom ... in short, from head to toe, opportunities are many for Yes To to offer a unique and positive sensory experience, and we won’t miss this opportunity, but without taking ourselves too seriously of course!

Interview by Jean-Yves Bourgeois


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