The Infiniment Coty Paris brand was born from the vision of two creators, Sue Nabi, CEO of the Coty Group, and Nicolas Vu, Founder of the ultra-luxury skincare brand Orveda. A duo with a passion for the world of beauty. African-born Sue, is a keen scientist, who aspires to create a "desirable future". Nicolas, Asian-born and steeped in urban culture, places the socio-cultural dimension at the heart of his creative thinking.

A bridge between past and future

Rather than a heritage range of re-editions, Sue Nabi and Nicolas Vu wanted to launch a brand in its own right. A collection inspired by the pioneering spirit of François Coty to lay the foundations for the "perfumery of a new era". So it’s no coincidence that this collection is being launched on the 120th anniversary of Coty, whose legendary creations have shaped modern perfumery, sublimating natural ingredients with the help of synthetic molecules that were new at the time, in particular the famous Chypre (1917), which gave birth to the chypre olfactory family. The creator also elevated the container to the level of art, with bottles designed as beauty objects. It is from this visionary spirit that Infiniment Coty Paris now takes its name, "with a new generation of fragrances whose longevity and sillage have been augmented by science."

This new brand is the result of a three-year collaboration exchange between Sue Nabi, Nicolas Vu and the perfumers at dsm-firmenich, Symrise and IFF. Guided by the expertise of Séverine Dallet, Senior Manager Fragrance Design at Coty, this work has resulted in a range of fourteen fragrances with evocative names: Entre Genres, Les Mots Doux, Soleil d’Ikosim, Matin de Jade, Après l’Amour...

Aura Moléculaire

Ultra-concentrated [1], the fourteen fragrances feature a new process that enhances the olfactory effect of certain ingredients over time. This innovation is called Aura Moléculaire, a fragrance diffusion technology based on a sugar-derived molecule that acts on the volatility and natural evaporation of ingredients.

According to Coty, the molecule interacts like a magnet with a significant proportion of olfactory ingredients to modify their evaporation profile. As a result, these ingredients remain perceptible for a much longer time, beyond their natural volatility. This innovation means, for example, that the presence of jasmine absolute in a fragrance can be stretched into base notes, as in Les Mots Doux, where the fresh, floral and petal-like facet of jasmine extends well beyond the heart notes. Coty also points out that Aura Moléculaire prolongs the radiance of top notes for up to 30 hours.

This new technology challenges the traditional codes of formulation. To make the most of it, the perfumer no longer uses the head-heart-base structure, but instead focuses on specific facets of a formula. Like the floral notes at the heart, or the woody-amber notes at the base. Aura Moléculaire encourages perfumers to work with ingredients differently, to achieve a new balance.

Since 2018, Coty has filed several patents for Aura Moléculaire. A patent has also been filed for the use of this technology for Infiniment Coty Paris.

A varied olfactory palette

The collection is divided into three phases, from the freshest to the most intense fragrances: Aube, Jour and Crépuscule. It’s a way of covering a broad olfactory spectrum and, of course, embracing the olfactory habits of Gen Z, who appreciate having a specific fragrance for different times of the day.

For this collection designed by Symrise, dsm-firmenich and IFF, Coty has benefited from the technological innovations and eco-responsible materials of each of the fragrance houses.

The fourteen fragrances in the collection explore or revisit perfumery standards. Like the bouquet of white flowers in Mots Doux, where the freshness of jasmine lingers on for hours. Or the solar orange blossom of Soleil d’Ikosim, where an SFE absolute, refreshed with neroli, settles on a woody base with gourmand and almond accents. Aristochypre returns to the chypre register, where delicate patchouli blends with rose and geranium. L’Amour Pourpre revisits the fougère accord in a sensual style, with lavender Diva hemmed in with balms, vanilla and incense. Finally, Après l’Amour plays an intimate card with a warm, amber tobacco note, conjuring up the image of a shared cigarette.

For this collection, Coty has given priority to minimalist formulas, with no added colouring agents or UV filters. Furthermore, the Infiniment Coty Paris collection is made entirely from 100% carbon-captured and recycled alcohol, using a tried and tested process developed by LanzaTech.

Minimalist design

As part of an eco-responsible approach, Coty has chosen to fit this collection with bottles that should not be thrown away. Endlessly refillable, the bottle is designed to be kept, never thrown away. A hymn to minimalism, conceived and designed by Nicolas. Extremely complex to create, with a perfectly flat asymmetrical face on one side and bold facets on the other, it captures the spirit of the entire collection. At the end of their life, the bottles can be stacked and assembled to create works of art, in line with an Artcycling concept for which a patent application has also been filed.

The range was presented to the public at an international launch in Paris on 2 March. Each fragrance is available for 230 euros for a 75 ml bottle and 330 euros for 150 ml refills.