Premium Beauty News - You are a very old Italian company that very early integrated the concept of full service. Currently, how are you industrially structured?

Sergio Faverio - The Company was established in the late 40’s in the small village of PortoValtravaglia, North-Western Italy, in the beautiful area of Lake Maggiore, next to the Swiss border of Lugano. Since the very beginning, INCA grew working on the ability to manufacture cosmetics and packaging, updating its know-how together with technologies and materials.

Nowadays, INCA has developed its activity on three sites: the headquarter and the main production site are in PortoValtravaglia and it includes INCA Packaging company, specialized in the design and production of aluminum and plastic packaging, and INCA Cosmetici specialized in the production and filling of color cosmetics. There is also the French based company, Capinter, near Nantes, specialized in the production of aluminum components.

Overall we can rely on over 25.000 m2 of manufacturing area, a team of over 200 people and a turnover of about 25 million euros.

And yes, you are right, one of the very unique characteristic of the group is that INCA is a fully integrated company who owns in-house the majority of all the variety of production processes nowadays available in the business. This gives us a very unique knowledge and expertise.

Premium Beauty News - What have been industrially speaking, the Group’s major developments during the last few years?

Sergio Faverio - In the past two years INCA has focused its efforts in improving the efficiency and the rationalization of its production facilities.

At the same time, both packaging and cosmetic departments, introduced new and updated production and managing processes.

In addition, we improved our ability to engineer new developments in both plastic and metal processes focusing on new metal forming and plastic stamping processes, together with the use of all the most up to date materials, finishing treatments and assembly technologies.

All this can be clearly identified with some of our latest developments. Some of them are already available on the market and others are currently in progress and will be launched later on this year.

On the other hand and on the side of what just mentioned, following the same path, we are also installing a small production site in India, proud to be supported on this new project by a prestigious local player.

The Color Cosmetic division follows the same general directions and philosophy of the Group.

Lately, our ability has increased – due also to the strong demand – in the way we support the developments and the management of full-service projects meant for different business areas, from the small niches to the mass markets and private labels.

Premium Beauty News - You mainly operate on European markets?

Sergio Faverio - Our turnover is concentrated 50% in Italy and 50% spread between France, the rest of Europe and the USA. The French market is the reference market for our business and we are now doing consistent efforts in order to improve and increase our presence.

We are very proud of the trust and confidence our clients give us. This push INCA to a continuous search for improvement, targeting quality, efficiency and customer service, always investing in innovation.

Premium Beauty News - A few words on the strong points of your company in terms of new products, and about your presence at Cosmoprof Bologna!

Sergio Faverio - For sure we can proudly say that we are among the best quality players in the aluminum and plastic manufacturing on the market. Having a look at our collection of customized products, the customer can understand that passion, know-how and experience are supporting us in realizing so many different articles and finishes.

We are able to satisfy the latest trends of the market by developing, for example, a trendy violet surlyn cap or a wild gold lipstick case or an elegant single-block aluminum shoulder always aiming to the best quality and to a perfect functionality.

Overall, we can offer such a wide range of purchasing options , from a simple collar to a perfume cap, from an empty lipstick package to a complete make-up line including bulks-formulation and filling, for market’s niches or start-ups, for mid and high-end or masstige brands and private labels.

The Cosmoprof in Bologna will be a fantastic opportunity to present the INCA group and to show our latest developments.