Quintis, the global leader in the supply of premium and sustainable Indian and Australian sandalwood raw materials, has appointed IMCD Australia as the new distributor of its sandalwood ingredients for the personal care industry in Australia.

The partnership will see IMCD distribute Quintis Sandalwood’s Santalum album (Indian sandalwood) oil and powder, and Santalum spicatum (Australian sandalwood) oil across its extensive trade client list in Australia.

Sandalwood is quickly gaining a reputation within the personal care and beauty space as a unique active ingredient. IMCD’s wealth of expertise, executional capability and commitment to sustainability is a perfect fit for our business,” said Carmel Power, Chief Sales Officer at Quintis Sandalwood.

Beyond perfumes

Beyond its well-known use in the fragrance industry, Indian sandalwood oil is a multi-functional cosmetic ingredient that provides multiple benefits to a cosmetic preparation. While it is an excellent candidate to be a key active ingredient, it can also work synergistically with other active ingredients in cosmetic formulations, going far beyond being just a wonderful scent in products.

The distribution agreement provides that Quintis will be sharing its cellular and clinical trial data, along with its internal technical expertise, with IMCD Australia to support formulation offerings and claims for its customers.

Australian brands can take a lot of inspiration from the latest trends in the industry, and we look forward to connecting our clients to the benefits of sandalwood within Beauty and Personal Care products,” said Tasha Spicer, General Manager of Beauty & Personal Care at IMCD Australia. “The active component in sandalwood oil, alpha-santalol, targets myriad skin issues, including well-ageing, acne, and inflammation, as it has been proven to be a natural anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial, and anti-pigmenting ingredient, along with being a powerful antioxidant. An ingredient we encourage formulators to consider,” Power continued.

NeoTech Beauty event

IMCD Australia is currently preparing for its NeoTech Beauty event showcasing a selection of its partners’ ingredients and state-of-the-art formulation expertise. The event will demonstrate how high-tech science and innovation are essential to support the movement for clean and sustainable beauty.

Quintis Sandalwood ingredients will be included at the NeoTech Beauty event in the category of pure and natural, nodding to its eco-designed processes and proprietary method of distillation that reduces the company’s water and energy requirements by 75%.