The Iléos Group (Axilone, Bioplan, Alliora and Packetis, 4200 employees worldwide) has announced the acquisition of Aphena Health & Beauty, a division of Aphena Pharma Solutions Holdings, Inc., who specializes in turnkey development and manufacturing of sampling vehicles for the colour cosmetics and fragrance industries.

Managed by Dominick Montano, Aphena Health & Beauty has 60 employees and is located in Whippany, New-Jersey. The company is expected to post a turnover of approximately 13 million US dollars in 2013, with strong continued growth. The company will becom part of Iléos’ North American subsidiary Le Papillon-Bioplan, which specialises in sampling solutions.

This acquisition reinforces Iléos’ leadership in the turnkey development and manufacture of promotional products and services for the fragrance and cosmetics industry through its dedicated worldwide division Bioplan and its recently acquired US subsidiary Le Papillon-Bioplan, managed by Hervé Bichon. In addition to serving the fragrance and cosmetics segments with vial on card, spray vials, roller ball packages, packets and tubes, Le Papillon-Bioplan will now be able to service the color cosmetics segment with blister packaging and dispensing systems technology.

This operation illustrates Iléos’ growth strategy, based on the search for complementary products and countries, with the aim of ensuring, through geographical proximity, the flexibility that is required by the promotional market, as well as the largest product offering.