Digital beauty brand Il Makiage is investing in optimized e-commerce opportunities with the acquisition of a data science startup.

The direct-to-consumer beauty brand, which was relaunched in the US last year, has acquired NeoWize, which develops advanced active machine-learning algorithms. The company hopes the acquisition will help drive its innovative, tech-first approach to beauty, bringing together complementary capabilities in AI, data science and algorithmic thinking.

Il Makiage's Kenzza app (Photo: © Il Makiage)

Il Makiage’s Kenzza app (Photo: © Il Makiage)

"Il Makiage is laser-focused on staying at the forefront of the intersection of beauty, technology and data science," said Il Makiage CEO Oran Holtzman in a statement. "We’re very excited to welcome NeoWize and their incredible AI-driven and data science backed solutions that will bolster our position as one of the leading tech and data science companies in the industry, allowing us to provide unparalleled customer experiences."

"Il Makiage modernizes the way beauty consumers shop and we can’t wait to continue developing exceptional AI tools and creating the most advanced and exciting online user experiences," added NeoWize co-founder Omer Nevo.

Earlier this year, Il Makiage launched Kenzza, an app featuring a swipe left/right interface allowing users to select their favorite makeup looks from a series created by a team of beauty influencers.