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IL Cosmetics wants to be perfectly in line with Clean Beauty

Within a context no one can ignore anymore, the cosmetics industry is taking action to promote a zero waste, clean beauty that preserves both the environment and people through innovation and production. IL Cosmetics follows this trend with a holistic approach, as they aim to become a world leader of nail varnish and makeup as a responsible company.

As they strongly believe that, in the long run, actual growth cannot but be aligned with social development and environmental responsibility, IL Cosmetics have been strengthening their commitment and action. “Far from being a constraint, the group’s sustainable strategy represents both an economic driver and a source of inspiration and creativity for the teams,” claims the company.

Formulas for a sustainable transition

As consumers increasingly mistrust chemical products, in particular in the nail varnish sector, manufacturers aim to gain their confidence, to offer reassuring transparency, and to meet growing concerns about the safe use of these products.

The IL Cosmetics group has committed to working with consumers, brands, retailers, researchers, and the industry to demonstrate the key role the chemical technology can play in the transition towards a sustainable planet and society. “A growing part of the population expects sustainable products, including nail varnish and makeup. Suppliers and brands get together to provide an answer,” states IL Cosmetics.

Overall, IL Cosmetics has undertaken to develop their nail varnish and makeup portfolio, while limiting the environmental impact and ensuring the safety of the final consumer. The vast majority of products in the company’s portfolio can be highlighted as vegan, free from any controversial ingredients, not tested on animals and formulated with biosourced components.

Obviously, just like for all IL Cosmetics products, no compromise is made on quality and sensoriality. Both colour and skincare biosourced formulas go through the same validation process as the rest of the portfolio. New biosourced skincare textures (cuticles, nail strengthening, finishing) have actually just been added to the offering, so that the percentage of natural ingredients can reach 90%.

As regards makeup, the Vegalash mascara provides a Vegan Cruelty Free solution without any compromise on volume. Plus, it is free from any controversial ingredients and beeswax, and enriched in jojoba oil and shea butter.

Endowed with the same product benefits, 90% of the company’s lip formulas (lipgloss, liquid lipstick, long-lasting, metallic formulations…) can be claimed as vegan, nano free, paraben free and mineral oil free. Of course, pursuant to the European regulation, all the formulas are cruelty-free.

Responsibility, performance, and stability

IL Cosmetics’s CSR commitment is based on four pillars, the first being the environment.

It is conveyed by the creation of a range of eco-friendly nail varnish and mascara containing up to 90% natural ingredients, and by responsible waste and energy management. Over the past five years, IL Cosmetics has increased their waste recycling rate by 400%. Over 70% of their waste is recycled. As regards energy, water consumption was reduced by more than 30% between 2014 and 2016, thanks to new installations. Then, there is social commitment and business ethics. IL Cosmetics complies with the fair trade rules regularly used by competent professional bodies to assess them and maintain the excellence of their quality processes, sustainability solutions, and ethics.

Lastly, the last pillar is the sustainable purchasing policy. Suppliers are selected based on strict quality and logistics standards, taking into account their social and environmental commitments. Everyone goes through this internal approval process and signs a charter for compliance with the ethical commitment of IL Cosmetics.

Until 2020, IL Cosmetics aims to go on with this CSR strategy and further improve their objectives for each of the four pillars.

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